Batman: Arkham Knight PC preorder deal hits big discount at up to 46% off

As we near Rocksteady’s latest Batman: Arkham Knight’s release date – a flurry of trailer and gameplay videos – plus preorder deals are surfacing – particularly since we’re edging up on E3 2015. While console gamers of the game are subjected to many different preorder bonuses based on retailer they purchase from, PC gamers have it slightly easier given all digital retailers have essentially the same pre-order bonuses.

Bargain hunters also get an extra incentive this weekend in the form of a preorder discount at up to 46% for Arkham Knight, depending on the edition you purchase from digital retailer Green Man Gaming.

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d_g1290d ago

that’s why i like PC

theHazzRaz1290d ago

Do you realize the reason for these big discounts is because
they are trying hard to sell as many copies as they can sense most of pc players will download it throughout online websites?

TedCruzsTaint1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Developers/Publishers are supporting PC gaming more, and stronger, than they have in years.
If piracy was the issue some make it out to be, PC would be dead as a gaming platform in favor of consoles almost entirely in the AAA space.

It's more that there are multiple storefronts than anything. The sort who pirate, with no intention to purchase, are not the sort who would change their mind even at 40% off before launch.

Piracy is not the loss of sale. Anything stated otherwise is nothing but rhetoric and is easily shot down.

--bienio--1290d ago

Nice try troll!! you are full of crap!! Not every Pc player pirate games remember that!!

cayleee1290d ago


I would get the console version, but its just too expensive. 60usd vs 32usd on PC. Plus PC version is superior. So why go for the expensive inferior console version.

wannabe gamer1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

umm no its because PC gamers know that prices drop quickly and they will mostly wait 2-3 months to get it at a lower price. so they do a deal now that isnt as good as it will be later but its good enough to push people to go ahead and buy now. i was going to skip the DLC altogether cause of the overpriced pass. but now i can get the game and the pass for less than the price of the game alone at full price. this kind of thing would/will never happen on console cause that audience doesnt have the willpower to just wait it out nor the backlog of games to fallback on from previous deals/sales

Takwin1290d ago

I used to pirate all my music, then I got Spotify, so for $10 a month, and synced to my PC, my iPad, my iPhone, my PS4, and my wife and daughter's devices, I just don't have to worry about it.

I used to pirate games, but then I got Steam, Humble Bundles, and PS+ subscription. I have zero pirated game, and a library of game discs for Wii U, PS3, and PS4 numbering near 100 - and over 700 Steam games.

I used to pirate movies and TV, then. Oh, I still do that because even Netflix and Hulu and iTunes are too expensive and don't have everything.

Khajiit861290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Its actually competition. This is just 1 site out of many that will have a deal on Arkham Knight before it releases. I know I can go to and get a similar deal within the next couple weeks, so if sites like gmg dont do that then we will all just go to G2A and buy it. And just because people pirate on PC doesnt make all PC gamers pirates, There is pirating on consoles as well, Movies and music too, apps.... I am sure you never pirated LOL.

Literally the game is about 50% off like every week on

Premium $35
Regular $24

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Two-Face1290d ago

GreenManGaming has seriously become my favourite site to purchase from. Amazing deals as always.

scark921290d ago

Yeah GMG is awesome, my favourite site to buy Steam games!

Vegamyster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

CDKeys also offers great deals, the base game there is currently $23 or $35 for the Premium Edition that includes the season pass, they just don't have the largest collection of games other then the bigger ones.

dreamed1290d ago

Lol funny pic you got there.....sleepy dog!!

timlot1290d ago

Isn't this game being marketed by Sony. Why is the xb1 version even there? Gaf has been telling me somehow a marketing deal is like an exclusive. At least when it concerns Sony.

whitesoxfalife19761290d ago

the game itself never was exclusive, just the marketing behind it. plus the extra content that goes to ps4 is exclusive

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