Does The Witcher 3's latest patch fix console performance?

Digital Foundry:
Xbox One and PlayStation 4 re-tested with update 1.03.

On balance, it's an improvement on both sides but Xbox One owners have a bigger reason to celebrate this update. Though it struggles to match the clarity of PS4's native 1920x1080 output, the 30fps cap is better adjusted for Microsoft's platform in practice, with fewer stutters during play giving it a tangible performance advantage. Neither PS4 or Xbox One releases are perfect, with major pop-in still an issue in built-up areas - plus a jitter (also seen on PC) when changing the speed of camera motion. We hope these are the focus of the next patch, but in the here and now, The Witcher 3 is at least in a better state now than on release.

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greenmiker1294d ago

Big improvement for xbox version of the game. Nice work CD Project!

XBLSkull1294d ago

I had noticeable problems in WO pre-patch, but no problems afterwords. Now that the patch is here I now notice problems everywhere. For me this patch has been a downgrade, let those frames run baby! 40>30 locked.

MaximusTKG1293d ago

I like how the author says "at least it is in a better state", as if the game was broken before. Sure a small portion of people had some issues, but this person, along with many others are deluded if they thought the game was previously broken at any point.

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Wii_nes_0071294d ago

A big fat NO unfortunately. On the shelf it sits until studdering and lag is fixed via PS4.

gamertk4211294d ago


zsquaresoff1294d ago

I have a bug in one of the quests called 'Nameless'. I have completed all the required objectives but it still sits on my main quests tab.

I googled it and many people have the same issue, anyone here has the same bug?

Im playing on ps4 and most of the bugs have been fixed including frame rate issue with the movie sequence.

Julion07151294d ago

Without the patch the X1 version was good now with the patch it's even better and smoother.

Letthewookiewin1294d ago

Ain't nothing wrong with that! Happy gameing. The next patch will improve things even more. It's unfortunate the game wasn't in this condition at launch but I can kind of see why it wasn't.

Julion07151293d ago

Yea I feel you but no game will ever launch perfect these days when u can patch things that's jus how it is now.

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The story is too old to be commented.