The Witcher 3 Xbox One Patch 1.03 Now Live; Patch Notes Released; Next Patch in Certification Soon

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s patch 1.03 is going to be released soon, and Community Coordinator Marcin Momot released the full patch notes and gave more information on what you can expect for further patches for all platforms, including that the XP fix won't be retraoactive.

Update: The Patch is now live, and can be downloaded via Xbox Live.

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crazytechfanatic1269d ago

I'll wait for a couple more patches before I start playing this game.

hockeyglory1269d ago

Game was rushed.

Not only tons of bugs and graphical issues, but the fact CDP has released so many patches so quickly with so many fixes in them shows they had already been working on the big lists of fixes for a bit.

They could have delayed shipping a month and add all these fixes in time for an April release. Instead, they took the route of launching in March, and adding 2-3 patches over the past 2 weeks.... with probably more patches to come.

roland821268d ago

It released in May not March. Also I think each platform has only 2 patches including the day one patch. I wouldn't consider that a lot of patches.