How to Survive The Witcher 3's Hardest Difficulty Setting

Unlike most sprawling open worlds The Witcher 3 has a lot of different difficulty settings and the hardest one happens to actually be pretty tough. Lucky for you we have a few crucial tips to keep you alive.

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aquaticDonut1292d ago

It's not really that hard unless you have a really bad understanding of the game.

Xer0_SiN1292d ago

in the beginning it was a tough for me. once i started leveling up my gear, it became easy.

ShellB1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Im doing side quests first then i proceed on the main quests. I'm like 3-4 levels higher than the recommended levels so it's a piece of cake. I know its a cheap thing to do but those hit boxes are terrible.

JsonHenry1292d ago

I don't feel that its that hard at all really. Especially if you make damn good use of alchemy.

daBUSHwhaka1292d ago

Kicked off the game on the hardest setting,lasted 3 maybe 4 hours tops and had to drop it.Now I have a better understanding of the game if I go for a second play through then I may give it another bash.Boosting for the bleed/burn/poising achievement I had to turn the difficulty to max and seemed to be able to hold my own very well at level 16,witcher armour and a shedload of upgrades so a second playthrough seems possible to nets those 65gamescore.

Greyfoxdbz1292d ago

can't stop laughing. one of the subheadings is "Check your bestiality" hahaha. i think the author meant bestiary and this is the funniest mistake i have ever seen.

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