UGO Live from E3: WWE Smackdown vs Raw Impressions

UGO writes: "Oh wow! It's been another year and like all major sports franchises, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw is presenting us with their 2009 entry. I'm sorry, did I say sports? I meant the height of Sports Action Entertainment! Isn't that how Vince McMahon refers to it?

THQ has been at the helm of the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise for ten years now, and its readily apparent that every advancement they make is hit with a fan response that sends them back to the drawing board. In the past, Smackdown vs. Raw made waves with it's Create-A-Superstar feature. The internet is packed with how-tos that'll build you anyone from Ronald McDonald, to Captain Falcon, to Linda Blair from the Exorcist. The obsessive fan-base for this one feature alone pales in comparison to something like Spore's Creature Creator, but hey, we're talking about a niche market that has gone stir crazy over recreating the Brady Bunch to take up against the Patridge Family. I mean, that's Celebrity Death Match material."

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