Current-Gen WWE Video Games: A Retrospective

Kevin Kissane of The Average Gamer takes a look back at the evolution of WWE games on the current generation of consoles.

"The 2007 edition was released on the Xbox 360. This marked the first major change in the gameplay of the series, from grappling with a single button to using the analogue sticks for multiple grapples. This was certainly for the better; instead of the usual 8 grapples this system allowed for 16 different grapples, from the front and back."

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showtimefolks2632d ago

and started playing wrestling games on NES. some of the best wrestling games were made so long ago and that's the sad part about it. With newer tech instead of improving the games their quality have gone down hill pretty steadily

wwe no mercy(wish we could get this in hd or a hd remake)
wwe wrestlemania 2000
wwe here comes the pain
wwe shut your mouth
wwe day of reckoning 1 and 2

And that's it everything other than those games have been not good. The way i look at THQ is they look at WWE games like EA looks at MADDEN. Each year they make a huge deal out of a new feature and they run with it and than the following year they remove that feature and add something else and say now its the best game.

This year they change the name but don't expect anything better than last few years. What they actually need to do is release those 6 games i listed above in a HD remakes package for full 60 bucks and let the actual WWE team take over 2 years to make actual changes.

I use to buy a lot of wwe games last gen but now its a waste of money i usually get em through rent just to play the story. I am tired of road to wrestlemania story mode they just need to do a story that's longer than one wrestlemania.

My DREAM is this. they introduce a career mode where you can build your character any way you want than you choose which ERA you want to JOIN wwe. Like you can make your character than join WWE in 1997 during start of attitude era pr you can join from wrestlemania 1 and you should be able to take your character to present day wrestlemana

In between you can sign contracts with wwe on how much you make from selling your merchandise,your wrestling contract and other sponsorship. Make its like having RPG elements like if you work out you will stay in shape if you eat unhealthy food you will gain weight.

Than you can drive from one even to next and have the WCW elements there too since VInce owns the name WCW

now a wrestling fan can dream but if they can make that happen i would be all in