Bloodborne DLC: What might From Software's first expansion be called?

From Software are no strangers to downloadable content, and no strangers to giving that content memorably Souls-esque names. Artorias of the Abyss and Crown of the Sunken King were two of the names given to Souls DLC, while the sequel's recent PS4 and Xbox One remaster was called Scholar of the First Sin. You get the idea.

To celebrate the impending DLC IBT dusted off its Thesaurus to have a crack at guessing what the first Bloodborne expansion might be titled.

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Septic1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Bloodborne: Time of the Month

Now before a mod marks me for being immature, anyone who follows the lore knows that there is extremely strong evidence that the whole blood ritual stuff revolves around menstrual blood.

The women are the only ones that give you blood vials, there is a proper cycle in which the hunt begins and as some of you know, women's menstrual cycles align with each others when they spend time together in the same vicinity. Also, if that wasn't enough, the level called Nightmare of Mensis. I mean come on. There are hints everywhere of this.

Nineball21121071d ago


I've played the game so I know what you're talking about. LOL

And you're exactly right. It does revolve around birth and menstrual cycles.

I won't mark you as immature, but I did mark you as funny! How's that?

Septic1071d ago

Yay! Lol glad you guys follow the lore! Phew

Why o why1071d ago


Septic.......lmao, c'mon man

Run_bare1071d ago

Lol, i do have to agree with you on this :)

zen_hydra1071d ago

"women's menstrual cycles align with each others when they spend time together in the same vicinity"

That is a myth. That doesn't actually happen, and was a flawed/biased conclusion drawn from a study which has been repeatedly debunked.

Why o why1071d ago

Im sure it can be true... ive lived with women and have witnessed this occurrence. Could be a coincidence. I just wouldn't rule it out

zen_hydra1071d ago

"Could be a coincidence."

That is what the subsequent studies have found. When controlled for expectation bias, there is no evidence of women's menstrual cycles synchronizing.

Giru0171071d ago

Best thing I've read all day and 100% lore true. Marked Funny as well for you taking the risk :)

Personally, I'd love if they delved deeper into the 3 factions for the DLC, giving us hunter of hunter stories, more Vileblood missions and interactions (as well as more crown of illusion spots) and more executioner things in general, as they hardly got anything other than Alfred

wakeNbake1071d ago

Vampires seem like a no brainer in this game thay should really expand the cainhurst castle area.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1071d ago

Bloodborne: A Marred Path to Boleteria.......

Perjoss1071d ago

A Fist Full of Blood Vials

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