Is The Witcher 3’s Graphical Downgrade Something Media Should Be Discussing?

When Watch_Dogs released, media and fans were disappointed with the visuals of the final product as compared to what was initially revealed. Now The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt releases and it doesn't look like its reveal trailers, but the media isn't nearly as upset about it. The team at EGMR wonders why.

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Irishguy95857d ago

Looking at it the difference is massive. Guess I just don't care anymore. Oh well. The game is amazing at least

venom06856d ago

Of course they're not going to discuss it and bash it down to the ground like they're supposed to.. It doesn't have EA in the title.. That's usually the only time they bitch and complain about something..

Army_of_Darkness856d ago

I don't see that massive downgrade your talking about? Only a little.... Now ubisoft and watch dogs I consider a massive downgrade..
But the witcher 3 still looks great at least.

Genuine-User856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

I'll be honest, I find the whole downgrade talk to be a bit pathetic. Comparing the final product on 3 different platforms to a 'target render' reveal trailer is disingenuous and utterly stupid.

And no, the media and gamers alike should not cry downgrade. We should congratulate CDPR for creating what I believe to be the most ambitious open world RPG in recent times, and comparably with only half the budget of Skyrim.

Aloren856d ago

@Army_of_Darkness are you seriously saying Watch_dogs didn't look great ? It was flawed... but the downgrade was not any more "massive" than TW3.

Palitera856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

1. Is doesn't have Ubisoft or Microsoft on title as well, so it is all fine.
2. Watch Dogs looked AND RAN a trillion times better than this technical mess.

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WonderboyIII856d ago

Game is amazing and that's a fact. Downgrade and false advertising is also a fact:

NuggetsOfGod856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Only pc gamers are complaining.

Console gamers call it optimization lol

Downgrade so ps4 can get a steady 28fps lol

That digital foundry video is funny.

Both console could barely handle 1080p 30fps

Xbox benefits from dynamic resolution fps wise.

Why do people think apus are good for long term gaming?

I hope this gen lasts awhile. It will be sad & funny to see the performance. Open worlds with great graphics will be killing consoles.

WonderboyIII856d ago

Check minute 5:45 for a different pause menu and loading screen. This seems like the real PC version. No the PS4 version on a PC.

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Dfooster856d ago

downgraded if you fuss and obsess over everything, or one of the best looking open world games ever created if you don't

Kal-V3856d ago

I couldn't agree with this comment fast enough, Sir. Good work.

Dabigsiebowski856d ago

Wow...This game looks amazing regardless of the platform of choice. Really getting sick of the articles screaming downgrade when clearly it's a damn good game regardless and looks better than 90% of the games out already. The game may have (IMO) minor issues here and there but those issues really don't detract from the fact it's a beautiful game with an amazing world and mechanics and on top of that those issues will be addressed in future patches.

Good Job CD Project and keep up the good work. Don't let idiots bring you guys down. It's the best game you guys have ever made and I and many others are truly thankful that you gave us a damn good game easily worthy of 60 dollars.

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