The Witcher 3’s Load Times Are Extremely Long Even After Dying During/Failing Quest

After hearing about The Witcher 3's long load times, ThisGenGaming timed how long the game takes to load after dying in a quest. The results are shockingly long. If this was loading a new area or loading up a save then 1 minute of loading doesn't seem too bad.

This means if you play the game on the hardest level and die 10 times during a boss fight you will have to wait 10 minutes in loading times to complete the boss fight.

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kitkokut1066d ago

All the more reason to prepare for the fights as it is designed. Although I feel a "Bloodborne" patch somewhere down the road for the load times.

ArchangelMike1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

We already know that CDPR are working on a patch, and patches will come ahead of the DLC etc.

The loading time are nowhere near 'extreme', and neither are they as long as Bloodborne post patch either.

At least not for me - PS4 ver.

The_Sage1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Did you mean pre patch? Even so, I didn't think Bloodborne was over a minute before the patch, but I don't really remember.

badz1491065d ago

if I'm not mistaken, before the patch, Bloodborne had like 40s average load time. it's now already significantly faster since the patch though.

Neixus1065d ago

Bloodborne was mostly around 40 seconds, that is already unacceptable, but then The Witcher comes with a 70 second long load time? Now that is really bad.

I'm happy they're going to patch it though =D

GameDev11065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Errr Blood borne loading time were about 40 to 50 seconds, it wasnt actually in minutes, but this was already frustrating given the difficulty of that genre

And compared to from software who already had the patch version in place and period in place to fix the loading times, CDPR have not said anything about it, so I wonder where you are getting that

The patch version 1.02 is to make DLC avaliable and doesnt fix anything

HeavenlySnipes1065d ago

I haven't counted but after dying a 1000 tiems doing the griffin fight (playing on whatever diifficulty the hardest one is called), the load times seemed long as hell on PS4

Alexander1Nevermind1065d ago

I noticed that they were long, but I also did not feel they were Bloodborne pre-patch long. For the record I have a hybrid drive so my times may be somewhat shorter than most.

Azmatik1065d ago

I am playing on Death march difficulty and i die alot so i notice these load times even more and they are definatly unacceptable the load times piss me off more than a boss killing me.

BeefCurtains1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I'm playing PC version, load times are pretty much nothing.

So we want a perfect game, no bugs, full hd resolution, 60fps, gigantic map, awesome story, interactive map, realistic graphics, and no loading screens, anything less and there will be articles about it. Just checking.

thekhurg1064d ago

My load times are not as long as this video is showing (I'm on PS4).

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1065d ago

I don't experience any long load times on my PC, and I don't use a SSD.

Load times are normal and even shorter than expected in my experience so far.

Haki11121065d ago

I got the game installed to an Ssd I get Ssd I get like a ten second reload if I die on pc btw the hairworks looks incredible in this game

Takwin1065d ago

I play on an SSD and an r290x at 1600p. It is glorious. Load times are almost nothing.

Erik73571065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

This is a console issue, not a pc issue though. On my hybrid hard drive loading times are very short.

shloobmm31065d ago

What? I hardly have any load times on PC version and they aren't too bad on xb1 either.

3-4-51065d ago

* Let's be Real. That is just an unacceptable Load time.

It doesn't matter if the rest of the game is really good, you don't reason or justify a load time like that in any way.

It NEEDS to be fixed, but it also is really the only main complaint I've heard of so far. I'm sure there are other minor ones. Always are.

* That load time is just unacceptable. If you are ok with it, they will keep being this long or longer, if you are vocal about not wanting it, they will be pressured to fix it.

* I'd guess there is a fix on the way, but I don't see them fixing it much. Sounds like it's always going to be 45+ second load times.

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Pandamobile1066d ago

I'm glad I installed this to my SSD. Load times are only like 10-15 seconds usually.

xPhearR3dx1066d ago

I have a semi-old HDD and my load times are 20-25 secs max. So either this guy is playing on Xbox, or has a HDD from the 90's. I was actually impressed with how fast the game loaded when I first started playing.

hades071065d ago

On Xbox I am getting about 20-30 secs as well so he must be playing on PC with some old HD from the 90s like you said.

Khajiit861065d ago

Get an SSD. I put GTAV on my HDD and I had loads of load issues, like crashing into invisible buildings with a chopper before the building fully loads. When I moved it to my SSD, every load issue was GONE!!! Its the only game that did that so far, but made me really happy I got the SSD.

Stapleface1065d ago

Same, no long load times here.

Kalebninja1065d ago

word, i was confused with this article because i didnt realize it installed on my ssd. when I teleport it was nearly instant.

Articuno761065d ago

I'm on an SSD as well. But mine are much shorter. Typically within 4 (maybe 5) seconds. For reference my processor is an FX8350, so not exactly a stallion of a CPU.

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WellyUK1065d ago

Not very long on my end about 30 seconds max on ps4.

SilverClock1065d ago

Hate to be that guy, but the loading screens on the PC version are about 1-3 seconds...and no I don't call myself part of the master race. I'm not a douchebag dammit. I feel for you guys. I play console games too. But I do like occasionally rubbing stuff like this in though not gonna lie.

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NobleRed1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Good that I'm using a Toshiba SSHd in my ps4. Got killed 10 times during the first boss battle. Took me like 15 seconds of loading to repeat the boss fight.

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