Witcher 3 Uses A Neat Way To Save Game On PS4, Huge File Size Can Easily Max Out PS+ Cloud Storage

GearNuke: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an ambitious open world Action RPG that utilizes the full potential of the hardware in the PS4. Sadly its save system can be too demanding on the hard drive, and can result in some issues especially for the 1 GB limited cloud save storage for the PS+ users."

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thejigisup1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Definitely not using full ps4 potential. I def won't be putting this in my cloud storage. I have usb storage if i need to save this anywhere other than my hdd

Palitera1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

It is a PC game. The ridiculously bad UI pretty much proves it. The text is barely readable (I had to move my PS4 to another room because it was terrible trying to read stuff on a 42 screen) and the UI is insanely bad (slow, based on tooltips, no shortcuts etc) and its "Windows 8" vibe is probably bad even on PC. They couldn't have added a proper list with details for their hundreds of thousands of similar items, could they? No... They have to put snapshots of everything instead of decent stats.
Wanna know the difference between the apple and the apple juice and the roasted apple and the toasted apple? Put your cursor above.
They are far from the top tier of devs.
Also performance is a joke on the PS4. Seriously, they have a PS4 to program for and can't even achieve 30 FPS?

The game is great, but their coding skills... Ugh.

iistuii1073d ago

Yeah I'm struggling to read anything, especially in my inventory.

OrangePowerz1073d ago

Agree on the text size, but besides of that I don't have issues with the UI. The framerate is ok, I haven't encountered any huge framerate drops yet either. There are some fluctuations, but nothing huge yet for me.

Hellsvacancy1073d ago

At least I now know it's not my eye site, I literally moved my room around yesterday so I could get a bit closer to my tv 42'

The text is small

Lucreto1073d ago

I hope at E3 they increase it to 10gb.

I filled up over half just on Dragon Age.

freshslicepizza1073d ago

don't know why they shouldn't. google, microsoft and amazon all offer more for free too. so does dropbox. anyone who is a member of plus should be getting 10gb.

dantesparda1073d ago

Yeah, it is definitely to small (the cloud storage space). LittleBigPlanet 3 alone is 568.4MBs and Driveclubs replay and ghost saves only are over 300MBs combined (that's not even counting the game progress/save file and Apotheon is over 300MB. So those 3 games alone are over a gig. And then every games save file is at least 10.49MB or bigger except for a few games that actually have a 3.15MB size file. Its ridiculously wasteful in terms of HDD space and cloud storage space. I've already run out of cloud storage space. And I never ran out on the PS3 with well over a hundred games save files.

Malacath1073d ago

The ps4 save system is flawed.

Most game saves in all games have a minimum save size of around 10.46MB.

The tiny 1GB cloud fills up in no time.

My cloud filled up ages ago and it's because of this I stopped buying multiplatform games on ps4.

I bought the xbox one version of witcher and my 5 manual saves plus 3 autosaves have only taken a total of 2.3MB of hard drive space. I'm quite sure that if i had bought the ps4 version I would have used around 100MB with same amount of saves.

Sony not only needs to reduce the minimum save file size but increase cloud space as well.

They should have infinite cloud space like the xbox one has.

OrangePowerz1073d ago

You stopped buying games because of cloud save data storage space? :D

The storage space should be increased to unlimited, but I don't see a direct issue with the save game size in itself if they change the cloud storage space it's all fine.

Malacath1073d ago

The issue is saves filling the HDD as well as the cloud.

As all games are installed to hdd even disc ones the last thing i need is saves taking loads of space.

Being limited to 2TB doesnt help either as thats the biggest hdd i could find that fits the ps4. With game installs and large save files I could quite easily fill that if I kept buying multiplatform games on ps4.

OrangePowerz1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

The save games aren't that big. I have well over 60 games, obviously not all installed anymore but still all the save games, and the total amount of save game data take up around 7GB. While 7GB might sound big in relation to the amount of games it's miniscule. The save games can be backed up on USB storage and most cheap USB keys have nowadays well above 7GB of space.

Backing up on USB flash drives is also safer since it doesn't require an internet connection.

OrangePowerz1073d ago

The article itself paints a bit of an incorrect picture on save file sizes for The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 save games are 16.7MB in size. The article makes comparisons to Bloodborne that has 37MB for a single save.

Other games use way larger save games, Trials Fusion 104MB, Game of Thrones 67MB, Octodad 73MB. The 16MB are barely above the 10MB that save files most games have.

captainexplosion1073d ago

One thing I really hope is announced at E3 is more cloud storage.