Square Revealing More Shocking News In August?

So whats the shocking announcement this time? Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3 or maybe Xbox 360? We'll have to wait until the beginning of August to find out.

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i_eatbreakfast4lunch3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

FFVII remake xbox exclusive!!!

or maybe FFXIV XBOX exclusive!!!

FF versus coming to XBOX!!!!

3799d ago
Tmac3799d ago

Alright Breakfast I understand you're trying to get the most disagree's but this is just getting annoying please stop.

jwatt3799d ago

What ever happens nobody kill themselves over it.

SixTwoTwo3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

FFXIII toys at burger king
FFXIII mountain dew

incogneato3799d ago

if all future final fantasys are xbox exclusive or ff versus 13 is coming for xbox, this will not shock me. thats how much square has screwed up in my eyes

the only announcement that will shock me is them actually give the fans what they want, ff7 remake

poopface13799d ago

and I hope its on 360 too. FF7 is the only ff I ever liked. I hate turned based rpgs, but the story and characters of FF7 are just too awsome. I really liked the materia system in stead of the orbs in 10 or whatever it was called in 8(only other FF games I ever played).

If FF7 I hope its on ps3 and 360. Im guessing that like me, alot of 360 owners had a ps1 back in the day, and would like to play the ff7 remake.

ZombieNinjaPanda3799d ago

for most disagrees and negative bubbles.

Breakfast, in this single article you win hands down.

HateBoy3799d ago

After recieving 60 million+ angry fanboy letters due to XIII going multiplat they've decided to start working on an FFVII remake, due out 2010.

lastdestiny3799d ago

I have been reading gamefaqs for some time now and i feel i should finally contribute to the society. My microsoft insider where i get all my news from finally have something brilliant worth posting. Too me its no so brilliant (i am a ps3 guy), but to you it might be, BLU RAY add-on unit for xbox 360!. I believe its true as my microsoft insider often gets things months ahead and it becomes true but i never post (im no xbox fan, and frankly the news has only been this big once before. I hope its not true but he says it is.

Anyways Yeah the add-on will be coming, which i guess is good for sony cause microsoft has to pay royalties and stuff maybe. However it will be around late in the holdiay season and be priced and an extremely fair $149.99 in North America, and it will be released early 2009 in europe, is what my insider said. It will most likely be announced at GC, this is huge though as its somthing sony has over them xbox now has.

Please Reply with your comments

P.S I beleive this is true its 99.9% true i think as hes neevr been wrong before.

t-0_ot-3798d ago

@incogneato - Why did Square screw up? Cause they did something you didn't like or agree with? Did they screw up because they wanted to let more people, the console with the biggest fanbase(besides Wii), to enjoy the game. Or, is it because you didn't want the xBox owners to be able to play FF? Or, maybe, it's because they wanted more money, and realized the PS3 didn't have the fan base the expected it to have, so they had to explore different options?

Face it, we ALL thought Sony would have had more PS3's sold by now.. And, if you watched E308, then you probably heard the hosts, don't remember which ones, I think it was Adam and Morgan, but not positive, say that the Blu-Ray is saving the PS3, as in SOME people are buying the PS3 for Blu-Ray alone and not to play games..

So, how did they "screw up?"

CrazzyMan3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Kingdom Hearts 3
Parasite eve 3 or 4
new Chrono game
Crono Trigger Remake
FF7 Remake
FF7:AC game
Xenogears Remake

There are so many possibilities..)


Ok, you two (or one) meal guys were funny when starting. Not anymore. I´m reporting as Spam, Off-topic or whatever and taking bubbles.

Go play in the other zone please. -->

calis3798d ago

Two things -

1. God of War 3 absolutely cannot go to any other platform.

2. Final Fantasy VII remake absolutely cannot go to any other platform.

Sony owns God of War and they have the publishing rights for FFVII

ry-guy3798d ago

Bubble for the Xenogears suggestion.

A remake of that game would be orgasmic. Maybe they could fix some balance issues with the endgame bosses.

Shadow Flare3798d ago

I don't care if im being an optimist, but all this buzz surrounding FFVII and the hints Square-Enix have been dropping make me think this could actually be it. So far Square has said:

-Tetsuya Nomura, "expect a huge announcement concerning Final Fantasy VII very soon"

-Square-Enix, "There will be an announcement at the Square-Enix party that will shock FF7 fans"

-Square-Enix, "This E3 we swung the ball in Microsoft's direction. Very soon we will be swinging it back in Sony's direction".

An FFVII remake for PS3. And Sony owns the rights to FFVII so there is no chance Xbox 360 will ever see it. But keep begging anyway, we know you will.

I'd also like to take this moment to call out all the ps3 fanboys who totally lost faith in Square-Enix after the FF13 multiformat announcement. Those of you who let your feelings go nuts and didn't use your head. For one thing that FF13 deal is a load of rubbish on Microsoft's behalf if you actually understood what the deal comprises of, it gives MS little benefit in reality. And now hopefully we're getting an FFVII remake, exclusive, along with FF13 Versus exclusive. Square-Enix is still supporting PS3 most with its best franchises. That's called loyalty

solidt123798d ago

I wish they would just finish the games that they are working on now so we can play them.

incogneato3798d ago

shadowflare i agree with what youre saying completely. it only makes sense that its the ff7 remake. but because of how lame square is, i have some doubts

zane5473798d ago

Shadow Flare - "An FFVII remake for PS3. And Sony owns the rights to FFVII so there is no chance Xbox 360 will ever see it. But keep begging anyway, we know you will."

I own both consoles, if its a remake I get it regardless, but. I think you have your information very wrong. A companies IP is owned by the company that made it unless it wasnt their creation. For example Microsoft created the Halo and PGR IP's, and outsourced them to Bungie and Bizarre Creations, hence Halo or PGR wont see the light of day on any other format other than PC.

Final Fantasy was a Square Enix ip from the getgo, Sony don't own any of it. They may have helped fund development costs in some way but they didnt own any rights. Hence FFVII was given the green light to be published by Eidos on PC in the first place. So really, a remake could end up on either format.

And I agree with posts from 360 gamers who owned ps1's but not a ps3, they shouldnt be shafted if this project was to go ahead. I'm sure the select few Japanese xbox 360 owners would have felt this way with regards to FFXIII, hopefully Square Enix wouldnt repeat that mistake.

As for comments on the developer selling out. Well they are a business, they need to turn over a profit. But in doing so they're just widening the potential fanbase for the series and giving a wider variety of gamers the chance to experience the title. I think its healthy.

nirwanda3798d ago

I heard kingdom hearts 3 was coming to the wii, there is defiantly a new FF MMO in the works they announced it ages ago and I think that is coming to 360 and PS3 think it was at the FF11 convention but not sure.

chrono trigger remake is going to the DS

and as for the FF7 remake rumour it depends on how the publishing deal was done sony published the game in the west but square released it in japan I think because most of the teams are busy the logical thing for them to do would be to port it to the PSP like the other earlier games have done with the DS and PSP and they would have a spare team left since finishing crisis core

parasite eve would be sweet it a very underrated game

AAACE53798d ago

I'll give you a bubble cause you were trying to make a joke, and by the amount of disagrees, I can see people didn't get it!

But seriously... That's a harsh joke for the fanboys to hear! Their skin crawled when they heard FFXIII was coming to 360. So if (by some extremely remote chance) a remake of 7 came to 360... and exclusive at that... the fanboys would probably have a heart attack!

Anyway, I get the joke...Bubble!

jessupj3798d ago

Theif!! He stole my avatar! Arrest that man!

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HighDefinition3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Would make the HARDCORE Square "fanboys" love you again.

pharmd3799d ago

did you submit this article?

cuz you are really pulling an Agent-X here

Breakfast3799d ago

Thats awesome. Where has Agent-X gone?

Who cares...we got the new Agent-X ready to go!

pharmd3799d ago

he supposedly got a one month ban for sending vulgar and explicit PMs

but HD, its when a person submits a story and then comments every other comment to head the story up as much as they can...

thats pulling an agent x

HighDefinition3799d ago

It`s wasn`t intentional.

Sometimes when I comment, I think off something else. I got quite a bit of bubbles so I just make a new one. If I pulled a "agent X" sorry, I didn`t mean to.

mistertwoturbo3799d ago

You mean Agent-VX? That guy seriously has some issues in real life.

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HighDefinition3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

You can`t buy this kinda promotion, this is DRAMA.


cloudman3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Square-Enix sucks. They made me feel like an abondmed loser

i am selling all my Square games, please check it out. i was such a big FF fan then i became a Square fan. Then they lied to there fanbase.

FF7 on PS3 might make me buy all these games back. i know stupid? but i doubt it. must experience!. Squaresoft are much better

Shroomy3799d ago

Overreact much?

Christ companies have to make a profit you know, otherwise your dear FF will die and Square dive back into bankruptcy.

mfwahwah3798d ago

Looks to me like you were not a fan of the FF series, but rather had a crush on Square Enix? A good game is a good game and it sucks that you're too ignorant to realize that.

iGrenade3798d ago

Squaresoft was the best freakin' video game company ever. When they merged with Enix because of FF:SW, it all started to go downhill IMO, games wise. Never liked FFXII, hated FFX-2, and FFXI wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be.

Dark vader3799d ago

Its not ff7 remake, they already said no time and time again. The only way i could see this happening, is maybe square would allow level 5 to upgrade the graphic and make a full blown remakeof the game. I have a question to ask though, Is ff7 piblished by sony or square. And if it is publised by sony, does that give sony some legal bind to it. Don't bite my head off now, i am just asking.

INehalemEXI3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Just get FF13 out in Japan this year with an english option and Im happy. Its not so hard to please me.

Yah, Sony was the publisher. As far as I know Sony has the FFVII line of games exclusively. It was a major title in the birth of the ps brand.

LoVeRSaMa3799d ago

With Sony being the Publisher SquareLOL cannot sell them out =]

metalhead3799d ago

ya sony published it XBOX 360 version is impossible

vickers5003799d ago

Shh, be quiet! We've spotted a 360 owner in japan! Nobody make any sudden moves, you might scare him off.

iamtehpwn3799d ago

Sony owns the publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII, Therefore, Square enix *MUST* have Sony's legal permission to put it on 360.

But it doesn't matter anyway. You guys, get realistic. Square Enix cannot remake FFVII right now. They're working on a thousand next gen projects right now.

I mean, look at it this way, if they had to have some of the Versus XIII members help out on the main XIII projects, there's NO way they could work on VII too.

mfwahwah3798d ago

I'm pretty sure it won't be a FFVII remake, but then again I was DAMN sure the Blizzard splash page wasn't Diablo 3. I was CERTAIN that FFXIII was PS3 exclusive. I thought 256 players on a console was impossible...

This generation of gaming has taught me something: You can never be sure.

zane5473798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Sony published the title on Playstation, but they don't own the publishing rights exclusively. Eidos published the same title on PC. Same as Microsoft Game Studios published Mass Effect but it ended up on PC and the sequel will more than likely go multi.

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