Sony Secretly Working on PlayStation 5?

BidnessETC: With Nintendo’s announcement of a new console codenamed NX recently, would you think Sony would be far behind?

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Jackhass1159d ago

They should probably get more than a handful of decent exclusives for the PS4 out first.

johndoe112111159d ago

What do exclusives have to do with the ps5? Since when do game developers design consoles?

BitbyDeath1159d ago

Game developers don't make the console.
Mark Cerny is likely chained up somewhere at Sony HQ with Mozart playing in the background.

johndoe112111159d ago

LOL! You just know they have him sitting on a gold throne being fed grapes by 12 virgins. They ain't letting him go NOWHERE.

Kingscorpion711159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

They will... There just getting prepared for the future and will be ready when the competitor tries to get an early lead lmao

NovusTerminus1159d ago

Not a secret really, everyone knows they are working on it, doing a ton of R&D, they likely started on it with the launch of the PS4, but it won't hit full steam for another few years.

Kurisu1159d ago

Personally I'd like them to skip PS5 and go straight to PS9 :D

But really, let's all enjoy THIS gen first, shall we? xD

Kingscorpion711159d ago

I'm sure Nintendo and Microsoft are too!

warrior821159d ago

Nintendo is working on NX...not sure if there will be a Wii Me or Wii Cube or Wii Us down the line.

Spotie1158d ago

I don't think either of them are working on the PS5.

ps4fanboy1159d ago

I think they will spend time planning the inner components even if the tech isn't main stream or even in production as of yet or then and obviously pricing strategy+design. Etc , what it will ultimately be(everything the ps4 is becoming but in a virtual reality with graphics to blow mind?)

Of course it is in planning , certainly not devolpment as of yet.

I want different virtual themes containing virtual links , like a western style theme pub with juke box linked to spotyfi or my library in a library etc I can walk round with Morpheus. headset.

MasterCornholio1159d ago

Yeah they always think about next one when they just release a console. It takes quite a lot of time to develop a system.

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The story is too old to be commented.