The Witcher 3: A Spoiler Free Review of The Open World, Combat and Customization

Here's a spoiler review of The Witcher 3, showcasing the open world, customization, combat and finally (and briefly) story and characters.

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wakeNbake1040d ago

Im trying to do everthing and talk to everyone in each area before I move on, Im still in White Orchard

Hassassin1040d ago

Yep, did the same... be sure to get the pan quest XD

HRoach6161040d ago

Fuck I'm stoked to grab this in the am.

1040d ago
Kalebninja1040d ago

its absolutely beautiful on pc one thing is moving around feels very off and slow while the camera moves fast.

Somebody1040d ago

I find that Geralt's character model/movement slides around too much when stopping.

MaximusTKG1040d ago

It felt the same to me. Auto target does seem to make it better, but it's not so jarring it affects the game.