Sorry Giants Fans, OBJ is Doomed This Year as the Madden Curse Will Strike Again

COG Writes: "We joke and laugh about it. We think it’s completely ridiculous but don’t kid yourself. There is a dark cloud looming over Madden NFL 16′s cover athlete everywhere he goes this year and there is nothing we can do about it."

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MRBIGCAT1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Lets be real here, some of these duds should have never made the cover. How did Hillis ever make the cover?

lodossrage1191d ago

I can understand why you'd say that about Hillis. He's career is pretty lame right now. But the year before he made the cover, he was a pretty big thing.

It's just the moment he made the cover his career stats nosedived. And the years that followed continued the down spiral.

xHeavYx1191d ago

Lol, not like the Giants would win anything anyways.

ikkokucrisis1190d ago

Darn, guess I know who not to draft for my fantasy team this season!

SmokingMonkey1191d ago

They couldn't have Michael Vick on the cover, the vote came down to Vick and Hillis...and well, read between the lines.

medman1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

This just in the NFL is a hyper violent, collision filled catastrophe with big men moving at high velocity trying to render one another unconscious....people are going to get hurt. Curse my arse. I love football, by the way. And Formula 1.

marlinfan101191d ago

Megatron had something to say about the whole madden curse thing

MRBIGCAT1191d ago

great point, he had a career year that year!

theRell1191d ago

The last Madden cover athlete made it to the Super Bowl.

gangsta_red1190d ago

And look what happened on the 1 yard line. If that's not a curse I don't know what is.

aquamala1191d ago

sherman had a bad year?

spence524901191d ago

Madden curse struck them at the superbowl.

DivoJones1191d ago

Nah but he did have a fairly significant shoulder injury that he played through.

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