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''Yes, Killzone 2 is beautiful, that shouldn't be shocking at this point. Even in its "pre-alpha" state, which is unfinished, glitchy, and has plenty of graphical issues, the game has the best visuals this console generation. When compared to games like Far Cry 2 and Crysis, Killzone 2 stands tall and has amazingly high-resolution textures and character models.

Gameplay is another story. Killzone 2 doesn't feel bad, exactly, but it also doesn't play much better than the original. The controller has a strange layout which feels off, and while the game looks like it should be amazing, shortcomings in pacing and gameplay prevent it from being anything but mediocre.''

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PooPooPlatter3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Hilarious! Another teenage Xbox fan's blog with the standard "yeah KZ2 looks amazing, but what about teh gameplay' talking points.

This game must absolutely terrify them.

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Kyur4ThePain3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

And your original name just happened to be "Nasim Detective"? Talk about multiple accounts.

As wrong as he sometimes is, at the very least he's on topic this time.
Something you couldn't say, now could you?

On Topic:
The truth of the matter is you (maybe) froze a playable "piece" of a game. We're not even really sure what stage of development that was from.
Oh, and why is there not a single video cut from before the freeze? Just wondering...

decapitator3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Another Hey look, "Isn't my blog teh awesome !1!!!!1" site. I think people(haters) are just scared that, their worse fears are coming true and that is, Killzone 2 becoming a really good game whiles retaining its beauty through out.

Ahh, whatever Fanboys will be fanboys.

EDIT: The sites names is gamervision ??? Orly ? More like fanboyvision.

xJxdOggyStYLe3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

great we got another "haze" and "lair" on our hands
hyped to death by sony fan always a big let down..BUT BUT its still way to early to tell if this is goin to be great or a let we should just leave this alone until its closer launch time..will there be anything other then mgs4 thats good on ps3...ugg...little big planet i hope u come through

C_SoL3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Let em hate......We PS3 owners know what to expect.....

One of the greatest FPS's of all time.

Spydiggity3773d ago

i agree. we ps3 owners know what to expect. and as a ps3 owner i can safely say that i expect it to be a let down. every game gets overhyped by the fanboys and ya'll always say "we know it's going to be amazing" and yet, it rarely ever is.

I look forward to this game too, and i'm willing to wait til we're closer to launch to make my final judgment, but don't act all high n mighty about being a ps3 owner because so far the majority of the games haven't even come close to living up to their hype.

CrazzyMan3773d ago

so, in next 5 months, people will be able by themselves to decide is gameplay great or not.) Well, atleast they will know, do they like multiplayer or not.))

And if people will like it, then KZ2 will sell 10 mln. on PS3, no matter what reviewers will say. =)

sonarus3773d ago

Multiplayer will be awesome but everyone really seems to be hating on this game. Some will say level design is crappy but A.I. is good. Others will say A.I. is crappy but level design is good. Overall i really don't see anything wrong with the level design but the A.I. just seems too easy. I love a game with a challenge but its still only the first level so its too soon to judge. Worst case scenario the game will end up with a couple of 8's and 9's but it will certainly be better than the original

Dino3773d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the final version.

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TheExecutive3773d ago

From what I understand of the controls, the shoot button is R1, L2 is the iron sights, to take cover is L1, the run button is L3, and the jump button is "x". (Can I get this confirmed? Sev?)

The control layout doesnt seem too "strange" to me? anyone else think thats a strange layout?

PooPooPlatter3773d ago

Of course not. This is just another 21 year old Xbox fan trashing Killzone 2 in his blog.

Report this garbage and keep it off this site.

Fishy Fingers3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I imagine most would prefer to have the fire and the iron sights as apposing triggers, ie, R1 & L1. Still this is why they have "controller configuration" in games.

BulletToothtony3773d ago

in Killzone1 you can custumize ALL of your buttons... i believe this has been confirmed as well in the Killzone forums...

you can change any buttons.. you can shoot with L3 if that makes you happy.... so the whole the controller feels weird well.. it's not an issue...

And i think we can all agree that every time we watch a killzone video the gameplay looks pretty good... if watching it looks good i don't know how playing it would be worse.

To me this is just another blogger with nothing else to do than try to trash a game that is not in his console of choice.. i mean even the sites that hate the ps3 are starting to change the way they preview games.. eventually the hate for the ps3 will stop.. it is inevitable.. and will completely stop when it hits around $ 250.

mfwahwah3773d ago

Ooh, Iron sites with L2 and fire with R1, that sounds so crazy but I just picked up my controller to see how it would feel, and it's not all that bad. I can't wait to try that in-game to really know though :D.

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Meus Renaissance3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I welcome criticism but some of the words used, such as "mediocre" was over the top - your basically saying the game looks great but plays horribly beyond belief. I read the preview a few times and genuinely got the impression that whoever wrote this game was just looking for faults in it to hype about.

"But I’d like to think that an entire day’s worth of press and media missed out on recording footage of one of the PlayStation 3’s biggest games because I FROZE IT"

What's he trying to say, he kicked and dismissed the game because it wasn't good enough for his hands? Raw. Someone should tell him Gears of War 2 crashed on stage, but that doesn't matter. Why should it? It's in development yet this preview seems to mock the entire game because of how "mediocre" it is.

NintendoWTF3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

"your basically saying the game looks great but plays horribly beyond belief"

That is the standard Xbox fan Killzone 2 meme that gets posted every single day in every Killzone 2 thread.

I guess it is an attempt to say hey look if I say nice things about the graphics I can go right ahead an rip apart the game and I will still appear balanced.

I don't know why Xbox fans are so damn scared of this game that they feel the need to put so much effort into trying to trash it. It isn't going to stop anyone from enjoying or buying the game.

3773d ago
Playstation Man3773d ago

I just fell out of my chair laughing. Awesome timing Light!

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Jinxstar3773d ago


On topic this game looks good. Can't wait for full details.

NintendoWTF3773d ago

It is a sickening blog posts from diehard Xbox fans scared out of their minds over Killzone 2 that makes you think of what an incredible console generation this would be if there were no 360 this gen.

You don't see Sony/Playstation fans writing blogs, getting jobs at review sites so they can rubbish Nintendo Wii games, you don't see Sony fans making fake sales sites like vgchartz to inflate PS3 sales and undercount Wii sales.

And you don't see Nintendo/Wii fans from doing likewise.

Sure PS3 fans make fun of waggle and the fact that the Wii is essentially another GameCube but they are perfectly happy with Wii owners playing their games and getting high review scores when deserved.

And Wii fans make fun of the high price of the PS3 and that you don't need all that power to have fun playing games. But they are likewise perfectly happy to let PS3 owners enjoy their games and feel no need to get jobs rubbishing PS3 games.

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