Project CARS' primary platform is PS4 according to initial sales

VVV: "Things get more interesting when you look at the format sales. The PS4 is the clear winner, with a substantial lead of 63% sales on Sony's console, compared to 31% on Xbox One and only 6% on PC, although the majority of PC sales were made digitally."

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uth111314d ago

wow it's not even close!

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DonkeyDoner1314d ago

prove that ps4 owner starve for sim racing

Dlacy13g1314d ago

There is some truth to this...its been a glaring hole in the ps4 line up.

NeverHeavyMan1314d ago

Up to this point last gen, it was a glaring hole in the PS3's life as well (F1 2007 was the last sim racer Sony had to that point with that license). I think it's much less a "starvation" and more that people are really enjoying the game, the most, on the console platform with more sales.

bacboi1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Yeah, while PS4 owners wait for the best (GT) this will tide them over.

Drive Club still is the next most realistic racer so far though this gen on consoles, other than this game it doesn't have great competition.

Edit: not really true, it is close but adjusted to be easier for people new to the genre, it is technically pretty in depth as far as car handling and physics. It is actually interesting to read facts about it, you might give it a try.

Dlacy13g1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

@NeverHeavyMan Its definitely a combination of factors. PlayStation 4's large install bass certainly is going to lead to high game sales even by default in many instances regardless of quality of game. This game benefits from being the only sim racer on the ps4 currently and it benefits from being a good sim racer on the ps4.

@bacboi...driveclub is not a sim nor is it close to being a sim racer. It has realistic graphics..that is all.

Soulscare1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Not really true... If they "starved" for it, they would have bought the game on PC, where it was released earilier and has more support for wheels, VR etc. You could argue that they don't have PC's to support it, but if they "starved" for it, they would buy a PC capable of running it. Should think more about how you word things!

Abnor_Mal1314d ago

Not everyone runs out and buys a porterhouse steak when they are hungry, when a good hamburger will suffice.

bacboi1314d ago

Well, honestly if that argument really held weight Xbox 1 owners would buy ANY game in droves..

Clogmaster1313d ago

Anyone going to rebut this?

HaveAsandwich1314d ago

true. now theyre happy, and no longer starving.

scientificreasoning1314d ago

Explain every other game doing better on PS4 then? Mortal kombat split was even worse...I doubt an over year old forza effected this at all.

TheTwelve1314d ago

This will be a long, difficult gen for you.

MaximusTKG1314d ago

I have personally been "starving" for a pure racing sim. Drive club is a good game that has gotten better, but there's nothing like being able to hop on nurburgring and try to beat your best time on a sim. console wise I only have a ps4, so this feels like the perfect time for Slightly Mad to release this particular game.

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TXIDarkAvenger1314d ago

I wonder how many were sold digitally on PC.

Gamer19821314d ago

Thats the thing when comparing PC isn't it?? Most pc owners buy digitally these days unlike console owners who still mostly buy hard copy at least over 60%. PC however I would guess would buy at least 80% digitally. But STEAM won't release number of people who have the game.

OldDude1314d ago

I haven't bought a physical copy for over 5 years on PC, only a very small percentage still do.

As for consoles, why would I want this on my X1 when I have Forza 5 and Forza 6 right around the corner. Thanks but I will pass.

Clogmaster1313d ago

Anyone know how many users are online on the PC version?

methegreatone1313d ago

+ the wmd members who already paid for access (crowdfunding). All of them were on PC.

make721313d ago

Probaply Pc:s regular problem piracy.I have both versions Ps4 and Pc version.Ps4 side its much easy to have network game there much more people online vs Pc version,thats why i wonder is it fucking piracy again!