Nintendo not talking about smartphone games at E3 since the event is for “dedicated gaming systems”

NE: "Nintendo will be releasing its first mobile game this year. We don’t know what exactly is planned, but don’t expect to hear about anything at E3 2015 next month."

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SpaceRanger1313d ago

Nintendo knows how to handle a gaming conference. Props to them! They've yet to let me down.

No gimmicks or nonsense at E3 this year for Nintendo. And hopefully it's the same for the others as well. No one wants to sit through a gaming conference to listen about anything other than games. At least, that's my take and opinion on E3.

Orionsangel1312d ago

Nintendo lets me down every year. They're the most out of touch douche bags in the industry.

SpaceRanger1312d ago

"They're the most out of touch d***** bags in the industry"

Did we see the same E3 conference in years like 2013? I'm 100% sure that they don't get that title.

3-4-51312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

* Last Year's E3, Nintendo did it right, and nobody expected it.

They "didn't have a conference", yet they had 10x the exposure as Xbox or Sony.

Why ?

* = The Treehouse

They did there Nintendo Direct, and then immediately after has stuff for people to experience either at E3, or demo's that would release to Best buy or be downloadable.

* Then they had Treehouse covering Nintendo stuff live for 3 days straight.

* So yea Nintendo did not have a two hour E3 presentation.......they had a 3 day E3 presentation that never stopped.

* Microsoft & Sony definitely took note of this and I'm almost positive we will see something similar for both Sony & Microsoft.

* The Big 2-3 presentation isn't the only thing that matters anymore.

You get 3 days, why not take advantage of it.

* That being said.....Glad they aren't wasting time on the iphone stuff.

E3's audience and the core dedicated gamer aren't playing the majority of games on phones anyways.

gamingpro1312d ago

Nintendo always comes out on top when it comes to pure quality gaming.

Sony and Microsoft may sell more but they can never compete with Nintendo on a gaming level pound for pound even with full third party support. That's why when you talk to a Sony fan about gaming the response u will get will be sales/power related, games are irrelevant to them which I find weird.

If your more interested in sales of a console more than the games then you can't really call yourself a gamer, an accountant - maybe, a mathematician - possibly, Insecure - probably but please don't disrespect the gaming community by calling yourself a GAMER.

MegaRay1312d ago

You think somebody bought a PS4 because of sales or power? Lol, no. Most people bought either for first-party (ND, sucker punch...etc) or better 3rd-party performance.

wonderfulmonkeyman1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

There's quite a lot of people who bought a PS4 due to sales (in other words, popularity) and specs.( because they believed the advertisements of how the specs would suddenly improve any game on the system)
If you need proof of how true it is, just browse around this site, or most other popular sites, and take a look at how many people praise the PS4's sales numbers while putting other machines down for being weaker in specs.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1312d ago

So Infamous SS sold what almost 2m out of 23m is terrible attachment rate

Vendredi1312d ago

Actually, not two months ago a research showed that the main reason that made people buy a ps4 was "better resolution" ("faster processing power" was fourth). The main reason to buy a Xbox was "brand". So, yes, differently from what you suspected, people will buy a console due to reasons like sales and power.

Just to refresh your memory:

Gemmol1312d ago

he is not lying, a lot of people on this website always say they here for Sony 1st party or Xbox 1st party and there is no stats to back those numbers up.

Have you ever take a look at the top selling games on Ps4 and Xbox One, I am talking about a honest look

if you did, you will see that 3rd party games are the best selling games on those systems, they sell so good that the 1st party games can barely compete with the 3rd party.

These numbers mirror same thing for ps1, ps2, ps3 also and same with the different xbox systems

look at the top 10 selling games for ps4

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2014 Shooter Activisio n 6.44 Million sales

2. Grand Theft Auto V 2014 Action Take-Two Interactive 6.42 Million sales

3. FIFA 15 2014 Sports Electronic Arts 5.82 Million Sales

4. Destiny 2014 Action Activi sion 4.67 Million Sales

5. Watch Dogs 2014 Action Ubisoft 3.57 Million Sales

6. Assassin's Creed: Unity 2014 Action Ubisoft 3.1 1 Million Sales

7. Far Cry 4 2014 Shooter Ubisoft 3.06 Million Sales

8. Call of Duty: Ghosts 2013 Shooter Activision 3.03 Million Sales

9. The Last of Us 2014 Adventure Sony Computer Entertainment 2.88 Million Sales

10. FIFA Soccer 14 2013 Sports Electronic Arts 2.72 Million Sales

in the top 10 Sony sales, only 1 game from 1st Party made the list

This is why 3rd party love Sony and Xbox, theres no competition, they cannot outsell a Nintendo game, but blind fanboys will ignore my message and say 3rd parties not on Nintendo because the graphics lower lol they do not want competition, they a business they want to make money, Sony and Xbox 1st party is no competition they can make as much money as they can

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OzzY-waZZy1312d ago

Bloodborne is a better game than any exclusive on the Wii U so your pound for pound comment is null. Can't wait for the Witcher, sorry you guys will be playing splatoon, a game that looks like a cheap indie.

remixx1161312d ago

I'm not really sure how to take this ignorant comment....

You generalize all Sony fanboys and say they can't go pound for pound with Nintendo yet last gen Nintendo was pound for pound average-trash and they won last gen.

Sorry Nintendo I love you but the Wii was a casual box with a couple gems whos support tanked the last 3 years.

Sony smashed Nintendo during the ps2 and ps3 era in terms of quality games and the same could happen this even with Nintendo's year head start.

They are seriously out of touch and I find Nintendo fanboys are the ones that are most I denial, which you shouldn't be because its a plastic box.

I wonder what the Xbox and the ps4 will look like ilafter 3years on the market.....

wonderfulmonkeyman1312d ago

Good. That's just more evidence that they're taking the home console market seriously, as they should.
More time during E3 for game reveals.
I wonder what day E3 will take place on next month...

Fro_xoxo1312d ago

Will they be havin' a conference this year, or the usual Nintendo direct?

Kevlar0091312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Last year they gave an announcement in March giving the specific plan. Nothing concrete for this year. Here's the most we got:

Lennoxb631312d ago

Please go back to how you were during the gamecube days. That's the day I'll buy another Nintendo console.

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