New Xbox One May System Software Update Preview Partly Solves Multiplayer and Party Issues

If you are a Xbox One preview update member and recently had problems with joining a multiplayer match or initiating a party chat, help is on the way.

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Rookie_Monster1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Good to know MS is fixing it as fast as they can for preview beta testers. Theses previews give them plenty of feedbacks and time to fix bugs. Kudos to them.

My old PS3 went Brick after a firmware update and I wish Sony have a similar preview program before releasing updates so errors can be minimize and fix.

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bleedsoe9mm1319d ago

i'm shocked how few problems there have been in the preview program , i haven't encountered any so far .

Fro_xoxo1319d ago

I've never had any issue since I got mine.

Hopefully the updates solve problems for those that are experiencing issues.

maybelovehate1319d ago

That is good to hear. I am in the preview program and it seems every party I am in has issues.. which makes me think I am the problem haha. That is ok though, that is the reason they test these things! Glad to hear it is being fixed.

crazychris41241319d ago

Nice to see the party issue is fixed, always annoying when you cant talk to friends while ur playing different games

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