GTA 5 Script Hook V Now Works With Patch 350.2

One Angry Gamer "Rockstar recently patched GTA V on PC to block mods and trainers. They later began rolling out bans on people using the cheats and trainers, threatening to perma-ban repeat offenders. Well, the latest release of the GTA V Script Hook V native trainer can bypass the modding blockade Rockstar put up, and it also offers a solution for those attempting to cheat in the online portion of the game."

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UKmilitia1325d ago

the pc for the best experience,
a group of gamers that cant play a game the way its meant to be played and have to cheat and mod everything.

this is why many dont play on PC imo.

TurboGamer1325d ago

Cheating and modding is not exclusive to the PC platform. People tend to make a bigger deal of it on PC.
This is simply the actions of a very small group of people(<1%) getting blown out of proportion.

Hereiamhereibe21324d ago

Im sure its more like 50 - 75% of PC gamers bought this game just to mod it. If you have no intention of modding it you would have played this game when it came out years ago. Gta V is ancient deal with it.

trickman8881325d ago

Idiots like this guy are why console owners are called "peasants".

Also, that's not an opinion. That's just you being wrong. Plenty of people game on the PC, so saying "derp my opinion" doesn't cut it.

bsquwhere1324d ago

As someone that games on all platforms, owns 3 copies of GTA V, the PC version just to mod, I feel like this guy is off the mark. However to call console gamers "peasants" makes you royalty in all things douchebaggery. You sir are the village idiot at best, for a king leaves his mom's basement years ago.

trickman8881324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


No one cares if you game on all three platforms and own 3 copies of GTAV. What is obvious however, is that stupidity brings upon generalizations. Generalizations sometimes tend to have some form of truth in them.

You say ignorant things about PC, you get called a peasant? Why? Because you just look stupid. It's a term used for idiots, mostly people who have had consoles all their life, to bash a platform that they don't use for gaming and focus on insulting it at that.

Insults aren't enough to make you a basement dweller. Trying to say that "lol i got called a peasant, he's a kid in his mom's basement" Is just flat out stupidity.

Ignorant statements and making yourself look like an ass while putting out ignorant troll statements with the objective of baiting people, makes you a village idiot

As does trying to play WK and pretending to be "unbiased". Like what you are doing right now.

Lon3wolf1325d ago

PC gaming revenue was/is ahead of console revenue, can't see how this equates to not many people game on PC?

Sad that a few individuals ruin a perfectly good online game.

Codewow1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I've played the single player 3 times through.. I want to play it a fourth with a trainer for a bit of chaotic fun... why should rockstar stop me from doing so?

As for the online portion I'm not gonna cheat, but who cares if someone has infinite money? Only rockstar, because that hurts their micro-transaction system they have in place. I understand infinite health hacks should be dealt with, but Rockstar should also give the option of customer servers so that people can enjoy the game in their own way.

Psychotica1324d ago

Someone sounds jealous...

Khajiit861324d ago

Way off! Waaaayyy Waaaaay off!

I dont mod to cheat, I mod to enhance my games. Textures, Shadows, Lighing, Grass, Trees, Wind, AI, Gameplay enhancments, Improve weapons, Add Weapons, Animations..... Wow thats just the beginning really.

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Raider691324d ago

I like mods but R* owns the IP if they want to keep banning people that exploits the game they are in there own right to do it!