'What else does Kinect see?' - 7 more functions

You may remember how, a little while back, I revealed that Kinect can perceive ghosts. It's fairly startling stuff for a home entertainment hub but, let's be honest, we've seen it all before. TV ghost hunting programmes exist for a reason. Spectral orbs? More like Disrespectul snore-bs, right?

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Bigpappy1322d ago

Oh boy, now I have to start believing that ghost and Santa are real? My head hurts.

TheCommentator1322d ago

My Kinect used to pick up ooccasional movements that would try to make selections (on the dashboard or Netflix for example). My son's electronic toys would also make noises at random. I didn't really think about it until we moved out of our condo and it all stopped. Still freaks me out a bit, TBH.