WipEout HD delayed due to technical issue

Eurogamer: "WipEout HD has yet to be released because of a 'specific technical problem', but Sony hopes it will be out 'before the end of the year'.

'There is a specific technical problem with WipEout that we have to solve. I can't go into details but it is a really, really tricky technical problem that no region has been able to solve at the moment,' Sony Europe boss David Reeves told us when we hassled him about the game's progress this week at LA."

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Petitionstation 33802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Being 'crap' is not a technical issue.

Playstation Man3802d ago

To dedicate an entire alternate account to mock the petition for FFXIII to stay PS3 exclusive is really sad. I'm going to throw a guess out there that you're mart/crab/what ever the hell else you are.

It's not crap, Wipeouts are always good games. If it's a technical issue, it probably has more to do with the online experience/4-player split-screen. Not a lot of games have sported that on EITHER next-gen graphics behemoth and it's still yet to be seen how well Motorstorm does with it, not to mention Wipeout.

thor3802d ago

Woah it's going to have 4-player split-screen? Link please, that's huge news.

Drekken3802d ago

Cant be worse than Fatal Inertia!

slave2Dcontroller3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Lightning your really in bad shape over FFXIII. I feel your pain but it will be ok. PM me if you need to talk j/k.

On Topic- They better find away to fix it! ... WO is a MAJOR factor in my PS3 purchase. I thought the delay was to give that crapware title called Fatal Inertia some breathing room. Guess Not.

Despite Sony losing FF13 things are still lookin ur for them as sales cantinue to rapidly decline but they better pull their poo together or else they are gonna fall right back into that hole they climbed out of.

Playstation Man3802d ago

My bad entirely Thor, thanks for pointing that out. I was mislead on the Sony message boards earlier in the year I guess.

That said, maybe they're adding it or it's just the online issue. The trailer showed footage functioning very well, we'll just have to see.

tplarkin73802d ago

The reason PS3 owners lack good exclusive games is due to the PSP. Sony spread their talent way too thin.

The Wood3802d ago

says the guy that saw, wait, how many 360 'exclusives' have you seen at e3. How many exclusives have the ms lovers gamespot even covered this week again????

give up man. Tekken DR is a psp port and is still the best fighting game out there

MazzingerZ3802d ago

@The Wood

Of course the X360 has games, they showed the GH and RB games, Resident Evil 5 and Fallout 3...awesome...and the lady dancing in "You're in the movies"...again, awesome

kazuma3802d ago

wipeout crap? u don't deserve the air that ur breathing

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aggh im on fire3802d ago

What a surprise... used to it now though. But with resistance and LPB i had forgotten all about this.

UnblessedSoul3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

End of the year? Ouch, it was supposed to be out in May wasn't it?

ToastyMcNibbles3802d ago

well that sucks...i was really looking forward to this but no matter got plenty of greatness to play for the rest of the year

smokeymicpot3802d ago

At least they are telling us why they are delaying it

Fart In Your Mouth3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

another PS3 delay. At least at this point you are used to it. This is what ps3 developers are really working on:

D E L A Y B 3 Y O N D

LevDog3802d ago

YA just like Alan Wait and Too Wait Human...

Fart dont be dumb.. All consoles have delays.. WaitBox360 has them as well..

juuken3802d ago

Fart, get real. What happened to Alan Wake? What happened to the news surrounding Halo 4? What happened to Left 4 Dead?

Delays happen to everyone.

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