Exploring Project CARS' PS4 graphical effects and visual options

VVV: "Likewise, we're used to having the option to adjust graphics settings on PC games in order to optimise the performance. On console however, this luxury is practically unheard of since consoles obviously have unified hardware specifications, which is why we were surprised to discover that Project CARS lets you fiddle with a myriad of graphical settings to tailor your experience.

Our latest video showing off a near-final build of Project CARS on PS4 explores many of the available graphical effects and visual options, from the sun glare to the ferocity of the helmet cam. We also take a brief look at some of the camera and replay options available."

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Orbilator1266d ago

I can under stand these options on a pc due to hardware differences, but on console? Really? Its like the devs are saying we cant really get it running nice with everything so its your choice to turn off what you don't need then we are blameless.

Mega241266d ago

It's called having options, if a person doesn't like certain thing, they can remove it, or tweak it. Since when are options bad?

KyRo1266d ago

Exactly what you said mega. Whilst I love the use of motion blur in games a lot of people don't. They should have the option to turn that off if they want. If I had these kind of options in all games I'd happily downgrade certain aspects like texures and whatever for better Anti-aliasing as I cannot stand jaggies, they distract me.

Forn1266d ago

Except that changing the graphical effects in this game have no effect on performance because the game runs at 60fps either way. It just comes down to personal preference for what you feel is best as far as the overall look of the game, and if any effects in your opinion are bothering you while racing.

iistuii1266d ago

I thought that fist time I read about it. But if you look at the actual options it's just blur & helmet cam raindrops on camera etc, it's not what I'd call real options that PC gamers tweak to make the game run better, it's just visual stuff like stopping the sun blinding you.

LifeInNZ1266d ago

Watching the footage of this game a little closer on Youtube you can start to see some of the visual trickery and shortcuts. For instance, raindrops on the car fade out and the drops themselves are a repeating animation. They also dont reflect light or distort the reflection of the environment on the paintwork. Overall its still a nice effect as your concentrating on the road but I guess we are still years away from life like weather effects.

Still waiting for some great particle effects in a racing game...where dust and smoke dont disappear like steam.

EstSince88Gamerdude1266d ago

Agreed,that's the next step...I would like to see the track change as in when drivers have gone wide and leave bits of dirt and gravel which adds that extra dimension.

But this game is looking fantastic regardless and I've been waiting for a real visceral console racing sim for many years,infact this game has made my mind up to spend out on a new TV,wheel and sim chair ect. Can't wait!

badz1491266d ago

is it just me or the water droplets animation is really annoying on screen? I think it's because they are just there to make you think you're driving in the rain but the fact that they are not affected by any gameplay element like physics, speed or cornering really bugs me. it kills the immersion and just stood there in front of you like an infinite loop gif! it's half-assed at best and I think they should have done a better job with it.

AndrewLB1266d ago

You expected every drop of rain to be independently rendered while adhering to proper a fluid dynamics algorithm? LoL. The processing power required to replicate true fluid physics is huge. A few years ago nVidia showed off an amazing tech demo which focused on doing just that.


Notice how it's only running at 15fps? And the card used is over 2x as powerful as a PS4.

LifeInNZ1266d ago

Dont think I conveyed that as my expectation at all as I was purely making an observation. I'm well aware of what sort of compute power would be needed and it certainly is not present in current gen consoles.

hkgamer1266d ago

i like the idea of getting to tweak certain options. but its something that developers wont really choose to have.

ffxiv on ps4 had the option of 1080/30 & 720/60. i guess they didnt want to release a 720p game on ps4. the game can be played on 30fps for most part, but some parts of the game needs 60fps or even the 720p graphical setting because it could get really hectic.

Animal Mutha 761266d ago

I think Sony are insisting on 1080p as a default position as they are taking the high ground on the console performance in their advertising, and resolution (or full HD) is one metric that average consumers can identify with immediately.

Personally I like the options as framerate is very important to me for the experience.

hkgamer1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

that aswell.

as i sad, there was 2 reasons for 720p&60fps in ffxiv. framerate for certain boss battles can help in a sense. i remember having trouble with certain bosses on ps3 because of fps mixed with internet lag.

another reason was the graphical downgrade can help with world bosses, my ps3 could not load any bosses or players on screen so i couldnt join in, didnt test that on my ps4 though.

i guess some games can benefit from these graphical swtches especially mmo and crossplay between pc games.

so if that crowdfunded space game ever hits consoles, hopefully a graphical setting would help so we can have a more fairer play