Tower Of Guns PS4 Review - Leviathyn

Tower of Guns is great fun for hour long blasts in afternoons when you want a quick fix of action, but it doesn’t tower above the other shooters already available.

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captainexplosion1186d ago

I have been stunned by the reviews for this game. I would give it a 8.5-9.

DefenderOfDoom21186d ago

Yeah this game is fun to play.

pivotplease1186d ago

It's alright but it's nowehere near that calibur. The presentation/graphics are pretty bad, the gunplay is really primitive (I made an fps with on par mechanics in a high school computer science class), the story is well... non-existent, and there isn't much to keep you motivated to play for extended periods of time. Rogue Legacy, however, is in the 9 range for sure.