"Calm down" with the Wii Remote says Miyamoto

On the eve of the European Wii launch, word has come from Japan that gamers are getting too excited with the Wii and accidentally throwing the Wii Remote towards their TV sets.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has acknowledged the issue and is preparing to hold an internal investigation.

"Of course before the launch of the Wii hardware Nintendo had a number of tests on the durability of everything including the strap," Iwata told reporters in Japan. "But our understanding right now is that even beyond our expectations people are becoming more and more excited playing with the Wii."

Shigeru Miyamoto added, "We are encouraging people to understand that you really don't have to be so excited but rather you need to understand the control and then you're going to be the best player.

"We are looking into the situation to see if there are additional methods to encourage people to kind of calm down so they would never throw away the controller itself."

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ChickeyCantor4365d ago

NO you are wrong nintendo! its simple !!!! you are a freaking moron if you let go of the controller!

Syko4365d ago

That you have never played with a Wii yet. While it dosen't take that much force it does take some force to pitch a fastball on wii sports, and with the way the controller is shaped a lil bit of sweat will easily make the controller slip. and the worst part is that the strap is strong but the lil piece of string in between the strap and the controller is weak sauce that cant be trusted on this controller a upgrade on this string is required by nintendo before this becomes even worse than it already is. Because at the end of the day what good is wearing the wrist strap if the first time it slips the string breaks and you are left with the strap around your wrist, and most likley somthing broken.

MicroGamer4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

When you play some of these games, it is a natural instinct to release the controller. When you pitch a baseball, you release it at the end of your swing. When you bowl, you release the ball at the end of your swing. People are only doing what comes naturally and it is causing damage. Nintendo did not stop to think about the natural inclinations that these games induce in players. When you release a product onto the market, you have to think all possible ways people could end up hurting themselves or causing property damage. If you don't you can be found found guilty of negligence by the courts. I know it sounds stupid, and common sense dictates these things should not be happening, but unfortunately the courts don't recognize common sense as having any legal standing anymore, which is why electrical appliance makers can be sued by the idiot who sticks his fingers in the whirling blades of a blender just because there is no warning in the manual saying specifically not to do that. Common sense says not to do it, but these morons win their court cases all the time. Just like common sense also dictates you don't drive a car with a cup of hot coffee in your hand, but McDonalds ended up having to pay millions for that one and had to add a warning to their food containers not to eat and drive.

wulfgar884365d ago

i bought my wii at launch...and have played it 2-4 hours a day whenever i get the chance. ive never even had a close call with releasing the controller and im ranked pro in 4 of the 5 sports avaliable (damn you golf!!!) but not only this but ive got 2 younger brothers who are always dying to play. As of yet (knock on wood) neither one of them has had a close call with letting the remote go...although the 6 year smacked the 12 year old in the back of the head in a game of tennis one day....ahhh good times.

PS360WII4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

heh yeah I got hit in the back of the head once too. Wasn't hard cuz we know how to handle them Wii Remotes. So yeah people need to calm down while playing the games honestly. As far as releasing the controller for being instilled in your gene structrue for bowling or baseball all I can say is sure the Wii is the closest thing the Virtual Reality but it's not that close to thinking I'm in a bowling joint with a whatever pound ball about to nail a turkey...

nadizo4365d ago

All you need is to flick the wrist, its not that innovative, what a gimmick i sold my wii wii after realizing im not a 5 year old boy anymore...

PS360WII4365d ago

what a load of bullocks! You can just go back in your hole

nadizo4365d ago

Say it with me now... GIMMMMMICKKKK
= Wiiiiiiiiii

have fun swinging and swooshing your controllers playing zelda and wii sports because you guys aint getting any more games for such a long time lol ... nintendo is a joke they should come to the next gen already...

PS360WII4365d ago

well least by this comment we know you didn't really get a Wii your mearly slandering it. But really who are we fooling 1080p is just as much a gimmick as motion sensing. Just as much as blueray and hd-dvd. It's not really going to take over anything it's just something to get sales up for movie companies and tv makers. See they are all gimmicks like the happy meal and the prize in a cracker jacks box

WhEeLz4364d ago

its a joke eh?? well it looks like there doing pretty damn good in sells...and they dont care about graphics...its all about the game play for them...

DC RID3R4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

wii = sony's "nail in the coffin".
the wii has, and will continue to sell like hotcakes, just as the ds is doing!!
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out.
just look at the size of the damn's TINY!!!
then you have the price-point!!
then you have the games, family/party orientated games for the WHOLE family to enjoy!!!
the overwhelming praise of th3 wii IS spreading like wild-fire, and i can ONLY see slighty less than DS stlye sale figures/stats!!
ultimately the VERY thing that sony doesn't want, as it will lead to the same type of predicament the psp(in japan especially)is in right now- in the sh*thole!!!

wulfgar884365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

but trust me...its no 21 and games have never been so addictive and ive never been so hooked. not only that but its not just grandmother even wanted to give it a shot the first time she saw it and played my father in a round of golf. and yeah as for the ppl throwing them around...its fun to really get into the game(tennis etc) but for games like zelda and MUA i just chill out and use basic movements...and ive had no problems so far :)

Syko4365d ago

When I'm playn Zelda there is no risk of a flying Wiimote I just chill and Dungeon crawl, In fact the only risk of damage seems to come from baseball which I now avoid because I cant fight the urge to put a lil' stank on it =P And as for GIMMICKY controls say what you want im havn fun with my Wii60, while your tryn to get your hands on a Delaystation 64 (Sorry Nintendo for the 64 dig but you know you messed up with that one)

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