RETRO Video Game System and the Looming Identity Crisis Within

Carl Williams writes, "I have covered the RETRO Video Game System (RETRO VGS) several times here on Retro Gaming Magazine in the recent past. This is a purportedly new “retro” themed console in development. The RETRO VGS is co-headed by Mike Kennedy, also founder of RETRO Magazine, which is expected to expand the overall scope of the RETRO product branding. Over the last few months I have been following the RETRO VGS developments and we have seen the announcement, and redaction, of developers and the reveal of the first, and pack-in, title for this console (and here). The news that has developed over the last few days is not exactly “great” from my point of view. How this system develops is definitely being kept under wraps, not much being released and even less is “written in stone” when it comes to the RETRO VGS."

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