Mortal Kombat X digital license removed, renders game unplayable for PS4

Mortal Kombat X released last Tuesday with stellar reviews, and a lot of gory kombat. However many gamers were surprised yesterday of receiving an error on the PS4 whenever they try to launch the game. The error in question is CE-34878-0 and seems to be affecting buyers of the digital version of the game rendering it unplayable and even affecting saved data.

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Activemessiah1189d ago

Still wanna see future digital-only releases?

Dark_Overlord1189d ago

With how restrictive digital content is on consoles, I damn well hope we never see an all digital future >:(

PS Vita and Nintendo's 'tied to console' crap annoy me the most.

admiralvic1188d ago

"PS Vita 'tied to console' crap annoy me the most."


The content is tied to your account, like everything else on the PSN, meaning you sign in and download. The only thing you can't do is use a different user, so the system is now associated with that account and you have to format to use another one. This is arguably annoying, but it also makes sense given most people aren't sharing/using a portable gaming system that way, but still. You can have 2 Vita's active on the account and it's still ultimately account based.

Dark_Overlord1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I believe you may have read it wrong ;)

"PS Vita, and Nintendo's 'tied to console'" is how it should be read, but the original line is how it should be written, damn text lol.

PS Vita annoys me due to the 1 account limit, I didn't know about it and purchased multiple Vita games on my main account for my GF, and she can't even play them >:( (We both like to earn trophies on our own seperate accounts)

admiralvic1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

@ Dark_Overlord

"I believe you may have read it wrong ;)"

Edit: Realized what you were trying to say. With that being said, neither version really conveys the point you're trying to make, since the PS Vita has no frame of reference. Since there is nothing that explains what the PS Vita problem is (this could have just as easily been memory card prices given the topic...), it makes sense to think that the two items are linked to the same base principal.

Regardless of how you write it, the two ideas will almost always be read as linked because the aforementioned frame of reference is missing. In a lot of ways your post probably would have made more sense if you just said "PS Vita and Nintendo's crap annoy me."

"I didn't know about it and purchased multiple Vita games on my main account for my GF, and she can't even play them >:("

While I get that you want to earn trophies and thats annoying to you, there is still ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping her from playing the games from your account besides preference. If she didn't care about trophies, then she wouldn't have a problem. =\

Aghashie1188d ago

I am w u on this one. My gfriend is also a gamer and she always complains about Vita one user only. She doesn't care about trophies, she care about not being able to play w her friends because Vita is always on my profile.

I decided to add some of her friends to my profile so she can play w them. But now my account is full and I have to delete old friends in order to add new ones. Also some games don't allow multiple save files, like Lumines just to name one. And is quite annoying when we both play the same game and have to use the same save file.

I only guess Sony is trying to push sales w this one user per Vita nonsense. We r definitely not getting a second one just for a profile thing. We rather deal w it.

pivotplease1187d ago

Handheld systems are usually a one person system anyway, so it's not that outrageous. You can still swap physical titles and you can play any game assuming you're not concerned with trophies which aren't all that addictive after you've been getting them for a few years. It's not like iPods or Nintendos handhelds ever allowed for multiple users. They are more personal devices and not family devices like home consoles. I feel your pain, but I hold no grudge against Sony for their decision here.

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JackBNimble1188d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I want a digital only future ,options are nice, but I primarily buy digital versions.

Activemessiah1188d ago

Options are nice... until it's taken away and believe... they will.

Dhampir1188d ago

A digital-only future isn't as scary as a Streaming-only future. It seems Sony is really invested in making it happen too.

Activemessiah1188d ago

Otherwise known as "Renting".

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CYCLEGAMER1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Not having any problems on the xb1. Could be console/platform related....just sayin!

deadpoolio3161188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

No its probably the large list of morons who don't have their PS4 set as their primary console so the games don't work offline..Everytime something like this happens 9 out of 10 times its idiots who didn't properly set up their console so they freak out the first time they have a problem or their internet goes out....which all could have been avoided had they taken 2 seconds to click set as primary console....

I literally just stopped playing 2 minutes ago on my PS4 offline, people with either console just want to immediately jump to must be a console problem and not an actual user error


So let me get this str8. It's a user error because playstation players don't have their ps4's set as the home console?? How does that explain there not being the same problem on the xb1?? Are you saying that xb1 users are smarter because they ALL have their consoles set as the home console?? Not buying that excuse

1188d ago

That still does not explain why there are not problems on the xb1 version of the game. I could understand you point if there was.

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Xer0_SiN1188d ago

i know i wouldnt. i like to see something tangible for something i paid for.

GeisT1188d ago

If it means I don't have to sit in line with a bunch of chubs who smell like ganja and body odor then yea, I'll take the risk.

remixx1161188d ago

😂 damn dude where do you buy games, the slums?

Ratty1187d ago

Or you could preorder it online and not have to deal with people who can't wash properly/at all. I sometimes get the games one day before official release. One time I even got it on a friday.

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strugler1189d ago

I can't play myself since yesterday and no official word yet on what causes this :(

Dark_Overlord1189d ago

Don't expect anything any time soon, I purchased the Shadow Of Mordor season pass yet it wouldn't let me have the content (kept wanting to charge me), Sony blamed WB, WB blamed Sony. To this day I still don't have the content :/

Nodoze1188d ago

Which is why I will NEVER go digital only. The day gaming goes all digital, I am out.

cee7731188d ago

Just sign out of psn before you start up the game and it should boot fine You can even sign back in once the game starts.

strugler1189d ago

The source article has been updated with a log from a chat with PS support, it does confirm licensing issue from WB. Someone messed up big time folks.

killatia1188d ago

Wow, who ever messed this up needs to get fired big time.

reallyNow1188d ago

yeah, fire him and bring in a new guy who will make the same mistake not having this valuable experience. genius. remind me never to work for you or invest in your company.

FullmetalRoyale1188d ago

Kitty's got claws! Meow!

OT: This seriously sucks for those affected, and it shouldn't have happened. Hopefully you guys get some dlc, at the very least.

poor_cus_of_games1188d ago

What? Really? They would bring in more people with more experience. It's a cock up that needs to be fixed.

Imalwaysright1188d ago

Who do you work for? WB or Sony?

reallyNow1187d ago

I work for neither right now. The point is firing someone over something that was likely a team-wide oversight is ignorant and childish, and not representative of the real world. Source - 10 years in the industry

Imalwaysright1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Working on the industry you should know that something like this rarely happens or has never happened before so the experience that supposedly someone would gain by this happening is borderline irrelevant.

In the real world, what happened here gives a bad image to both Sony and WB, it's inconvenient to the consumers affected by it and has consumers wary of a digital only future which just happens to be exactly what the companies involved in this industry want. How exactly would firing someone over this be a childish attitude?

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Snookies121188d ago

Wow, I was going to purchase the game digitally but ended up getting a physical copy... Sorry to hear that anyone who bought it digitally is having issues...