Oculus VR Confirmed for E3, Gamescom, EGX Showings

VRFocus reports on confirmation that Oculus VR will be heading to three major shows this year included E3, Gamescom and EGX with the Oculus Rift in tow.

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PCGamingNoobs1207d ago

was planning on going to EGX especially for VR. think i will go book tickets now.

NuggetsOfGod1207d ago

That would be cool! I will be going to game event sooner or later.

kickerz1207d ago

Hopefully we get a release date and hopefully it's this year

WESKER20151207d ago

people will look like douches with that thing strapped to their heads, not cool

mixelon1207d ago

Because we all look so cool sitting at our computers/consoles already! .. ?

I don't think we care what we look like while we're playing games, do we?

annus1207d ago

Who plays games to be cool?

ThinkThink1207d ago

I play video games for the chicks man.

Clover9041207d ago

A lot of people think gamers sitting in front of a tv with a videogame controller in their hands look foolish as well. Plenty of people think mobile gamers tapping away at their phones look stupid. Who cares? Do what you enjoy, and to hell with people with nothing better to do than judge others.

Scatpants1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I can't wait. I'm buying the Volair sim desk for it with a force feedback wheel and a flightstick for when it comes out.