Capcom Removes Local Co-Op from RE5: Gold - Claims Code Does Not Work on PC, Modders Prove It Wrong

DSOGaming writes: "Well, you gotta admit that Capcom is making some really idiotic decisions. After the complete nonsense with the removal of local co-op from Resident Evil Revelations 2, Capcom decided to yet again give the middle finger to PC gamers by completely removing the local co-op code that was present in Resident Evil 5."

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DarkOcelet963d ago

Either they are ****ing lazy or they are trying to do something we are not seeing.

I think i will go with them being lazy.

RedDeadLB963d ago

A third party split-screen coop mod for RE5 is available for years now. Capcom are just lazy as fuck.

RE6 had a perfectly functional split-screen coop mode though, so it's blatantly obvious that they are just lazy and didn't want to spend the time to implement it.

bmf7364963d ago

Not even. If it's shown that the code was simply removed and it's that simple to replicate, then it's Capcom money-grabbing off of PC gamers

NovusTerminus963d ago

Removing pages of coding is not lazy. These are not little check boxes of features.

This took time to pull the feature out.

As to why they did it... Stupidity is a better answer.

ThunderPulse963d ago

I think they just wanna sell console copies with local so PC people will buy it twice.

Pl4sm4963d ago

true .... lying companies .... lying companies everywhere

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Servbot41963d ago (Edited 963d ago )

It's things like this that make me wonder why some publishers think they have any right to cry about poor sales and piracy on PC. Stop literally ****ing on your customers and lying about it over and over. All you are doing is burning bridges and pushing people who are more than willing to pay away from your brand altogether.

I thought when they saw the absurd sale numbers that a lot of Steam games pull in they'd actually try to win back PC gamer's hearts, but instead they keep shoveling out broken titles, missing features, and lie after lie.

xander70769963d ago

Could you please stop literally using the word "literally" wrong?

Dudebro90963d ago

Way to rip a story from neogaf and pass it off as your own.

SilentNegotiator962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Neogaf isn't a news site. It's irrelevant if something that was discussed on Neogaf is reported on by an actual news site and Neogaf isn't a proper source for N4G.

stragomccloud963d ago

At least the game runs at a beautiful 60fps and has great graphical options unlike Square-Enix's lazy port of FFXIII.

Gamesgbkiller963d ago

Every F***ing time!

And now we wait for the "apology"

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The story is too old to be commented.