ZombiU is the most under-appreciated game of this generation, discover why for £5.95

Dealspwn: "That's right. I said it. ZombiU is the most underrated game of this generation and it's a crying shame that so many people ignored it.

Or worse, didn't even attempt to understand it. See, ZombiU is probably the most hardcore, dedicated and bravest survival horror game of the last few years; a game that isn't afraid to hit you with isolation, silence, permadeath and impossible odds, a game where you'll die and die and kill your former selves and huddle in a corner desperately checking your inventory on the GamePad and oh God oh God it's eating me.

The horror, you see. It's the horror. Pure horror, not some half-breed genre hybrid, yet so many reviewers decided to critique it as an action game. We didn't."

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DryBoneKoopa851226d ago

I really hope a sequel gets announced one day. really liked ZombiU. I think if Ubisoft wanted to get back in on the good side of Nintendo fans they should start here IMO.

Blues Cowboy1226d ago

Agree 100%, but it will never happen. ZombiU was a flop despite it being absolutely brilliant, and got panned by press that didn't understand it at all.

Ubisoft risked so much and worked so hard to deliver a proper survival horror game. Now they play it safe. TBH you sort of can't blame them, even though I DO.

DryBoneKoopa851226d ago

You do know their was a lot of BS behind this game right? It was supposed to be another game that was going to be exclusive to the Xbox 360 but it got scrapped and was turned into ZombiU. The game was in way longer development then it was supposed to be and their for the budget exceeded the amount then usual.

I think sales wise for a new IP on a new Nintendo console and it being a horror tittle it did extremely well. Not many horror games sell over 500K on one console.

I think Ubisoft was hoping it was going to crack 1 million copy's and become this huge new franchise for them. Oh well maybe one day it will come back and offer a bunch of new improvements over the first tittle.

Concertoine1226d ago

I have to wonder why it was a flop though. It wasnt a technically impressive game, and it didnt have online multiplayer or anything. It seems like 800k should do it. Of course it was in development hell, but they have the engine ready now and the first was pretty popular for a wii u game so they could probably profit off of a sequel

addictedtochaos1226d ago

Sad when something that has sold approx. 830,000 copies is considered a flop.

RyanShutup1226d ago

Agree man... I LOOOOOVED it, hardcore mode was one of the most tense laser focused gaming experiences I've ever had.

deadpoolio3161226d ago

They already said that there will NOT be a sequel to ZombiU because it didn't sell well enough...Not sure what they expected for a game that was doomed from the start only having it on Wii U...

Chrischi19881226d ago

Hmm... maybe because the Wii U wasnt doomed from the start? It was a Wii U release game and before day one, how could you know, something like this would happen?

And to add my few words to the game... I like my Wii U, I dont like ZombiU, I got it for like $15, but I just didnt like it, but whatever.

DryBoneKoopa851226d ago

@Deadpoolio316: I'm tired of seeing comments like yours being made towards Nintendo and the Wii U.

You guys all act like every game that come to the Playstation or the Xbox is a guaranteed success story. Their have been MANY of times games/publishers have seen very little success on either one of those consoles.

Every console has games that don't sell well. Its not just the Wii U.

MilkMan1226d ago

Zombie U was great. When you pick up a WiiU (and I know quite a few people will even if its on the DL) make sure to pick up a copy. You wont be disappointed. Dont believe the hype!

deadpoolio3161226d ago

You shouldn't believe the hype in either direction period....

No it was not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination, with that...NO it was not an amazing game, it was clunky, ugly(what the hell was the haze over everything), kinda boring in a lot of spots...Its a mediocre game at best, but you can have fun with it IF you go into it without expecting the AAA game that some people try to hype it to be

FragMnTagM1226d ago

Got a Wii U about a month ago. Great system. I have wanted one from the start, but I was waiting for games I wanted, Mainly Mario Kart.

It is a lot better than people give it credit for.

I've got my PC for graphics and indies, Wii U for Nintendo games and indies, and the XBOX one for hardcore titles. Once the PS4 has games I want, I'll buy that again too. Had one, just didn't like any of the games at the time and I play multiplats with my friends on XBOX.

Got to pick up ZombiU haven't played it yet but I am a fan of a well done survival horror.

zsquaresoff1226d ago

It's under appreciated because it's on WiiU. Same with Bayonetta 2.

ReesesPuffs1226d ago

Really sad that's the way things are. A good game is a good game regardless of the platform.

Christopher1226d ago

Bayonetta is under appreciated?

The Wii U is not the console the mass market wants compared to other consoles. Less people play the games. But let's not get out there and say the games are under appreciated when the critics give them great scores.

zsquaresoff1226d ago

No one is denying that, Its a great game, but it didn't sell well. That is why it is under appreciated.

If it was on pc,ps and xbox, it would be well appreciated.

Christopher1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

***No one is denying that, Its a great game, but it didn't sell well. That is why it is under appreciated.

That's not being under appreciated. That's just being tied to the wrong console.

People appreciate the heck out of Bayonetta 2, as proven by your statement that if it was available on more platforms it would have sold much more.

The problem is that the WiiU isn't appreciated. Not the game. And that's a fault of Nintendo, not the games on the console or the developers who make the games. People want the games, they just don't want a WiiU. That's why most people play many of the games on 3DS, or at least the 3DS versions of them.

Concertoine1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

He just has a different connotation for "under appreciated".

It always bugs me when people say "the Dreamcast is underrated" for example. There was never a time when people weren't heaping praise on it, past or present. Overlooked would be my choice of words there.

Digimortal1226d ago

Actually the Wii U version is doing perfectly fine. It's selling pretty much as well like the PS3 and 360 version did within the same time frame. So people call it a flop? Well then I guess the same can be said for PS3 and 360. Sure it took over 2 years for the PS3 version to break a million and the 360 version at a million yet. Interesting how when you look at the bigger picture and go back and research. Bayonetta 2 is selling fine.

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nowitzki20041226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Its not under appreciated, most people just don't have a WiiU. I want one and this game because the original Bayonetta was one of the best games I ever played last gen.

If it wasn't a WiiU exclusive it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not saying people that own it are not appreciating it, its just getting low sales because it is an exclusive.

As of Feb 25th Bayonetta 2 has sold 0.65m units while the WiiU has sold more than 9 million as of Jan. I def think a lot more people out of that 9 million+ that do not have Bayonetta 2 should not even think about the purchase, but those numbers just show me its an exclusive to the wrong console.

Duke191226d ago

A zombie game that actually felt tense/scary at times. I probably just suck at it, but for some reason the game seemed brutally hard to me. Maybe ill give it another try one of these days

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