Player Shows Off PS4's Upcoming Suspend/Resume Function And How Amazingly Fast It Is

This week it became clear that Sony is releasing a suspend and resume function for the PS4 which will be included with the upcoming 2.50 'Yukimura' firmware update.

Although no release date for the firmware has been revealed yet, a Reddit User by the name Mushroomwig has posted a Youtube video on Reddit claiming to show off the Suspend and Resume function running on the PS4. The video itself is property of KMG90.

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DarkOcelet894d ago

That was incredibly fast. It was like in 10 seconds maybe.

BartMoons894d ago

I counted 9 seconds and this seems to be with the factory PS4 HDD. I wonder how fast it will be with a SSD.

DarkOcelet894d ago

Maybe 4 to 5 seconds but this is really a great function. I want this feature to be released right now!

The_Infected894d ago

I Compared this video to Xbox One and PS4 was a little quicker. I must say great job.

bouzebbal894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

exactly what i needed. PSP had that many years ago.
can't wait!

nX894d ago

Great feature indeed, minimizing downtimes will come in especially handy for Bloodborne :D

crxss894d ago

I bet it takes longer to suspend if it's resuming that fast. Shouldn't be a problem though if you just press suspend and leave it

moldybread894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

holy cow, it makes my ps3 seem like it's frozen in quicksand whenever i start playing a game.

XB1_PS4894d ago

Finally! Can't wait. This is one of the only reasons I prefer to play on my bone right now. Taking that away will most likely shift my preference. This feature really does make me feel like I'm playing on a new gen console. Without it, starting up and playing feels outdated.

XB1_PS4894d ago

What is wrong with what I said? Some of you are so touchy. Mention anything good at all about anything else, and you're instantly labeled as a fanboy of the other console, and downvoted without delay.

I'm praising Sony for making good on their promise. With this feature, it's no doubt the better hardware.

bouzebbal894d ago


As i said above, PSP had this feature in 2006. There is no next gen in this at all, but it's a nice addition, i give you that!

InTheLab893d ago (Edited 893d ago )


They disagree with you because your statement was absurd. 30 seconds of loading is difference between you playing one console over another? Not the disparity in resolution or fps, or the controller, the exclusives, etc.

Seems pretty silly dude...

XB1_PS4893d ago (Edited 893d ago )


If it's no big deal, like you say, then why is everyone so excited about it?

It is a big deal. It's not about the 30 seconds. It's about shutting down your console at any point in any game. Then when you start it up, it's EXACTLY where you left off. That's the big deal.

I guess the disagrees are from people who don't fully understand. Like you.

Also, I said one of the only reasons. Not the only reason.

UnHoly_One893d ago

I wonder if it is always going to force you directly back into the game like that?

The way XB1 handles it, you boot to the dash no matter what (or boot to TV if you have that option enabled), then you have to select the game and it resumes.

I don't think I like it booting straight into the game like that. I'd rather get to choose what I do first.

deadpoolio316893d ago

NOT faster at all....I don't know where some of you people keep getting this notion that putting an SSD into a PS4 will make it any faster...ITS NOT DESIGNED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AN SSD....That is the EXACT reason why it shaves less than a fraction of a second off of times....

Its beyond stupid to pay 3 times more for less than half the HDD space, KNOWING the device isn't made to actually take advantage of an SSD

nitus10893d ago


Considering the Souls series let you save anywhere in the game even at the point of dying, having a suspend and resume feature is not really going to help you play the game any better.


Depends on how the suspend/resume feature is implemented. If the save is to memory then it will be fast however switching off the power will loose the suspend. This is what I do with my laptop since the machine has a battery and the resume is very fast (approx 1 to 2 seconds).

If on the other hand the suspend is a save to the hard disk then shutting off the power won't result in you loosing the data. The problem is that this does take longer.

rainslacker893d ago


I'm hoping it gives the option myself. There is already suspend/resume when keeping the power on to go to the OS and back. I know on the PS3 you have the option to auto boot into games on startup or inserting the game, so hopefully the option will be there this time.

I'd probably also prefer it go to the OS...maybe have the selector on the suspended game by default. It only takes a second or two to resume a game from the OS.

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Christopher893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Did that car just drive through his character like it was a ghost?

spacedelete893d ago

how much power is this going to waste ? i can see getting high electricity bills because of this.

txboy05893d ago

You're joking right ? A console for a whole year maybe uses $30 worth electricity. i work for an energy company

Insomnia_84893d ago

My PSVita is always in pause/resume mode and it takes no battery life.

Muzikguy893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Holy crap that's fast! Here I'm thinking "10 seconds sounds like a long time" but wow was I mistaken! Takes almost 30 to boot up to OS now I believe, or at least 20. Then there's loading up the game and whatever.... I feel spoiled just watching that

Not trying to start a war, but how fast is the X1's?

Personally I think I should work at one myself... I'm a power hungry SOB lol

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Septic894d ago

Oooh very nice. About time!

GribbleGrunger894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Can someone tell me why you've disagreed with Septic here. I don't always agree with him but I see nothing wrong at all with this comment. Considering it was a feature Sony promised just before launch it IS 'about time!'

Come on, learn to take each comment separately. Grudges don't get us anywhere.

Septic894d ago

Ah don't worry Gribbs, I get disagrees for almost every single post lol. I didn't even mean it in a bad way; I like the way the feature works here.

Cheers though :)

GribbleGrunger894d ago

No problem. I'm sure we'll lock horns again at some point in the future! :)

moldybread894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

the answer is simple, for whatever whacked out reason people want to pick sides and stay there. meaning if septic prefers another console or likes another console as well as the ps4 he is labelled an outsider to some. i don't get it myself since we all share the same common theme here, playing games.

i'm also well aware of how much this feature was downplayed when people talked about it on the xbox one. now that it is on the ps4 i imagine most will enjoy this feature. we now live in a time where we want instant access to our products. we want things to be faster, more responsive and easy to use. it was so frustrating on the ps3 to get a game going. updates and loading and all of that stuff tested our patience. shu talked about this and sony made good on their promise to fix it on the ps4.

XB1_PS4893d ago

I didn't disagree, but I would wager that the disagrees are from people who feel that his comment was just some filler, unimportant comment, that says nothing.

Say something of substance.

Nothing against septic in that, just pointing out a reason as to why.

bleedsoe9mm893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

because its a slightly negative implication towards Sony , that the ps4 updates are coming out slowly . their heads are so far up sony's butt they can't tell if it day or night . i wouldn't worry about them either .

DragonKnight893d ago

There are literally people who follow users around just to disagree with them. I get it all the time. I could say "water is wet" or "I like money" and get a disagree. It has nothing to do with anyone actually disagreeing with what I just said, it's just that people don't like me and want to hit disagree to show it.

That, or disagree fairies.

I didn't disagree even though I think this glorified pause feature is pretty pointless and people are getting excited over nothing.

dantesparda893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

@ Or because its a positive reaction towards Sony. And since people on this site have their heads so far up MS's butt they can't tolerate anything or anybody saying something good about Sony. But I wouldn't worry about them, theyre a dime a dozen ;-)

And serious Dragonknight? You think that water is wet and you like money!? Dumass! Next you're going to tell me that the sky is blue. Just kidding, but yeah I here ya.

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Toiletsteak894d ago

This is a great feature and it is something i have always loved about my Xbox.

mkis007894d ago

WOW! I can see me using this extensively.

MasterCornholio894d ago

Wow that's fast.


Sony did a great job with their focus on immediacy.