Santa Monica Studios On Hiring Spree To Implement Character Design, Magic Distribution & more

Sony's has published a bunch of new jobs for their Santa Monica Studios (SCE Studios Santa Monica) on their job website, including a combat and level designer to implement character and boss designs, magic distribution, puzzle design and more.

The studio may well be hiring for the upcoming God of War on the PS4.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

I can't even imagine how good this game would look on PS4. I hope they get back to their roots with their next God of War game. Ascension wasn't that good but GoW 3 was amazing.

BartMoons1013d ago

I might have heard that a reboot isn't ruled out.

DarkOcelet1012d ago

While a reboot would be great. I kind of wish they would move on to another mythology. There are great concepts they can do with GOW.

Anyway God Of War IV will surely blows us away.

vishmarx1012d ago

how about an rpg set in the greek gods era...
make your own demigod ,custom skill trees for each weapon class,
kill legendary monsters to make weapons from their remains
multiple mounts, relics from gods , super powers from the elder gods like zeus , hades....
time to stop dreaming.

chrismichaels041012d ago

First we find out Sony Santa Monica Studios is on a hiring we hear Sony Bend Studios is also on a hiring spree. Its going to be a really interesting E3 for PlayStation this year.

Joda1012d ago

i guess we will find out in 2- 6 years when it releases.

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Hanso1012d ago

Ascension had the best combat system in the series.

LightDiego1013d ago

God of War 4 it's coming.

realplayer821012d ago

March 2016 to go up against quantum break. Heard it here first :-).

THC CELL1012d ago

One clear winner in that war then.

360ICE1012d ago

Uncharted is set for spring 2016 now, so there might be more titles coming to that party.

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