Study Finds Firefox Users Safest, IE Users Unsafe

Mozilla Firefox users are the safest Web surfers on the Internet, according to a study by The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Google and IBM's Internet Security Services. According to the study Firefox users were the most likely to use an updated version of their browser.

Details at the link.

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Ben10543660d ago

Microsoft is a multi-multi-multi-billion dollar Software company

funkeystu3660d ago

....and therefore obviously most capable of making the *GREATEST BROWSER OF ALL TIME*

...well one would think :(


d3l33t3660d ago

O please everyone knows Safari is the unsafest. The browser was hi-jacked in less than 2 minutes

LinuxGuru3660d ago

The thing is, most people have Macs that use Safari.

And when a hacker breaks in through Safari, they see the Unix-like mac system and they're like hhuuuuhhh whuuuut duuhhhh and then they give up and go program a virus for a windows computer.

LinuxGuru3660d ago

Wow, this article is a huge restating of the OBVIOUS.

Firefox + Noscript + Adblock Plus (w/filterset g updater) = safest browser out there.

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