Gamers are now a major source of web attacks, according to new report

Arbor Networks, a firm specializing in Web security and protection against online attacks, has released new data which suggests that Gamers are now a major source of DDoS attacks.

The report looked at data encompassing the last 10 years, which shows an increase in Distributed Denial of Service attacks against companies over the last year, compared to the year before. Back in 2011, DDoS attacks accounted for around 100 gigabits per second. By 2014, that figure had reached over 400 gigabits per second, with four times as many attacks using over 100Gbps year-on-year.

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Hitman07691415d ago

It's true, and some even go as far as perpetuating online harassment campaigns and claiming they are to "protect" people - what a crazy world we live in -