The Witcher 3 Preview: We played the first four hours (

PSU writes:

"Geralt, the eponymous Witcher, is a monster hunter by trade, bred for combat and survival excellence, and a capable alchemist who amplifies his abilities with potions and mutagens. This puts strategy at the forefront of The Witcher’s action-RPG combat, which is known for its realistic difficulty. Sure, Geralt can take more hits than your average medieval so-and-so, but he’s far from invincible—a cocky attitude and ignoring his defensive abilities will be met with swift death. Sitting down with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s opening hours—nearly four hours of play, to be exact—I could tell this particular series tradition was in full effect. Rest assured, if you haven’t played a Witcher game before, you’re getting the real-deal, authentic experience with Wild Hunt."

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jay21392d ago

Sounding good, wish the other 2 came out for the choices etc.