Phil Spencer Comments on Accessing Your 360 Games on Xbox One, PC-X1 Cross-Play Controls and More

Xbox Division head Phil Spencer has been quite active in responding the questions from the fans, and he posted another round of answers.

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gangsta_red1275d ago

In my opinion there is no reason why your profile and games you downloaded couldn't be accessed through some kind of cloud storage and played through your Xbox One.

MS has already showed that your profile can be accessed on different devices. I am sure that the games tied to your account could be accessed and played also.

This to me is what they should be working on and it would also encourage digital buys which I am positive a lot of these devs want anyways.

radler1275d ago

Unfortunately Microsoft and Sony don't value their customers enough to take into account the vast amount of digital content people purchased on 360/PS3. There should be systems in place to allow it, but unfortunately there aren't. Instead, Microsoft decided to ignore it completely and infamously state, "You must be backwards to want backwards compatibility" and Sony has opted to charge ridiculous fees to stream content you've already bought. It's a sorry situation, really.

Letting people have access to their content should have been one of the top priorities of the new consoles.

SliceOfTruth8881275d ago

thankfully the way Xbone is set up now it seems we will not have to worry about our content from here on out not being accessible for future systems

TheStrokes1275d ago

This is a reason I don't sell my older consoles for quite a while. My 60gb (500gb) ps3 has the capability to keep my memories playable without the hassle of paying all over again.
But similar to what you're saying - Sony and Microsoft are a business and profit will always be focal... In a perfect world they would integrate b/c or at least make it easier and cheaper to access their library of games, but that's not going to happen anytime soon until they go retro and put into collections in about 20 years lol.

HiddenMission1275d ago

Well that's total BS $20 a month isn't ridiculous it's right up there with gamefly. You come off very biases and bitter. Eventually you won't need a console at all just an account and you'll be able access PS Now on any device as long as theirs wifi...hell even 4G lte one day. Add to that with the data transfer projects going on here in the US, UK and Japan even lag won't be an issue.

People are so short sighted and fail to read the writing on the wall. Traditional hardware will change to the device you bring with you everywhere and all your content will bs available with no buffering or lag at the highest resolutions...I'll put money on it in 5 to 7 years or less...

lameguy1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


If xbox were to get back compat some time soon, would that change things much for you?

Mr Pumblechook1275d ago

It's good that Microsoft will bringing PS4-like features to XBO including Remote Play which will be perfect for playing a full Xbox game on a tablet whilst away from your TV. Also that Microsoft is looking at a PlayStation Now service to enable backwards compatibility. And that now Oculus Rift has generated a lot of enthusiasm they have announced HoloLens.

However one of the reasons Apple beat Microsoft to the smartphone was because Microsoft, a company with so much tech experience and resources sat back on the success of Windows which also allowed newcomer Google to dominate search. Microsoft and Phil Spencer are focused with keeping up with market trends but they also need to push the market forward and come up with new ideas and an original vision.

PoSTedUP1275d ago

they would have to pay a hefty price to run many servers for that many uploads and to handle all of the constant inputs all day long everyday. that is why sony is charging for subscription. i wouldnt put BC emulators in my console either just so i can charge you to stream games instantly without taking up HD space.

Muzikguy1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I agree

NeoGamer2321275d ago

The $20 / month price isn't bad, but tell that to the person who bought TLOU Survival Edition for $79.99, then bought TLOU PS4 for $54.99, and now is being asked to pay $20 / month to play it for the rest of time...

You have to look at the Total Cost not, just the singular cost of PS Now... Not paying attention to the total cost is just as near sited as not seeing PS Now's overall value.

mikeslemonade1275d ago

Well if your talking about hard BC then the X1 not strong enough to emulate the 360. And you lames here were already complaining about the cost of the X1 to begin with.

Focus on new games is what the end-goal is not BC. If you really wanted to be lame and play old games you will find a way to do that. May not be practical but you can do it.

donthate1274d ago

I like BC and would pay extra for it, but let's face it, most consumers don't care and don't want to pay more.

I can always keep my old console (or a spare when they go on clearance due to the new generation), but what happens when some of those games features are turned off or no longer available (i.e. DLC downloads)?

JasonKCK1274d ago

Sorry, but paying $20 a month to access games and DLC you already own on a previous console is out of this world ridiculous.

MazzingerZ1274d ago

Who cares about last gen really? I have a PS4, still in the package....I need to play the last PS3 backlog games first...once done, never look back, it's fu***ng next gen!!!!!

Cha0tik1274d ago

So basically you're saying they aren't looking out for the customers by making the consoles cheaper? Do we not remember the PS3 launch issue? It was $600 because of backwards compatibility. Once they removed the feature (which required creating extra hardware for the console to process the PS2 functionality) the console got cheaper. In my opinion, they are looking out for what's best moving forward for the consumers. Playstation has Playstation Now which although it's a paid service it's a form of backwards compatibility which shows they atleast have some sort of BC and I think Microsoft is supposed to do something similar with Azure. They are right. Backwards compatibility over price and Next Gen functionality is moving backwards.

UKmilitia1274d ago

yeah i think sony went agaisnt BC in a way to save money and make money knowing they was gonna use gakai to make psnow.
MS also will prob do similar but they dont care about past digital content,thats why i dont like the digital push because at will they can take it away and it will become a lost generation.

modelgod1274d ago

I totally agree. There are many people on my friends list that refuse to purchase an xbox one because they can't play their arcade games. If the current Gen systems won't support backwards compatibility, they can at least allow you to transfer your arcade games.

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DualWielding1275d ago

for the same reason they can't on PS3, Xbox 360/PS3 were Power PC based and Xbone/PS4 are x86 based... whether its digital or physical doesn't matter its a hardware issue

gangsta_red1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

How come you can play PS3 games through PSNow on your PS4?

Couldn't the same be applied to the digital games on your 360 to play on the X1? Couldn't your digital games on 360 be uploaded through the "cloud" and then played through your Xbox One?

That's pretty much what I was implying at.

DualWielding1275d ago

gangsta red, yes you can play anything through streaming... Microsoft could implement something like PSNow but then it'll probably be the same as PSNow too expensive and inconvenient

BoNeSaW231274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

How is NOW "inconvenient"?

No going to the store to purchase the game, No waiting for mail delivery between returns(hoping you don't end up in the Wait Queue), No physical storage for disc of data, No downloading +20 Gigs per game.

How much more easy and convenient do you need it to be?

Dhampir1275d ago

360 is a power pc, One is an AMD x86. They aren't compatible. The only thing MS can do is remote play, or a service like PS Now.

Kavorklestein1274d ago

You actually DON'T know that.
Sure 360 is powerpc, and Xb1 is x86, but that doesn't just rule out the Software wizards at MS being able to run a 360 emulator to play games.
If ANYONE can achieve a solid software program that perhaps sharpens or even enhances 360 games using a software emulator, it's Microsoft.

And, that's not including the secondary option of Playing 360 games via streaming on XB1 or PC...

So yeah...we don't know- and we are all just speculating.

But I wouldn't put it past MS to try to one up PS now, perhaps they could include it with the cost of Xbox live???
If nothing else, if MS went the PSNOW route and went for streaming, I bet they would at LEAST unlock titles you have already purchased digitally or allow those titles to be streamed for free etc.

Ps now's mixed reception and pricing is probably reason enough for MS to try one up Sony at their own game, not to mention the fact that it's the most requested feature on the Xbox Feedback site.

spacedelete1275d ago

considering how weak and underpowered these "next gen" consoles are the very least they should have backwards compatibility. theres something called emulation which would cost Sony and MS nothing to develop. ironic thing is if there was backwards compatibility people would be buying more last gen games as downloads.

if anything proves your a fool for buying downloads its that. i spent thousands on downloads last gen and now that my last gen consoles have stopped working thats money down the drain.

1275d ago
Muzikguy1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I've always been one to keep my old systems around at first so BC wasn't much of a problem. After awhile I just get rid of the old systems when the new one is used more. I can totally understand a need and want for BC consoles though. There's really NO reason all future consoles can't be compatible with past games, especially considering when they're digital. That's my biggest concern going into the next gen. If PS5 and XB2 aren't compatible with this current gen I'm going to be PC only

3-4-51274d ago

Sold my 360, but I still have like 15 + games I downloaded for it, so it would be cool to eventually play games like Skate 2 again.

BattleAxe1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Just like you need a firmware update when upgrading to a new GPU in a PC, which allows you to play all of your old PC games, you would think the same would be true for Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, since they both use a familiar PC architecture.

In Sony's case, this wouldn't work since the PS3 used the Cell Processor, and the PS4 uses the same kind of PC architecture as the Xbox One, which is why streaming on PS Now is the only option to play old PS3 games, otherwise every PS3 game would need to be ported over to the PS4, which is expensive.

Shineon1274d ago

The ps3 cpu aka the cell is more powerful than the ps4 cpu. That could be the reason for lack of bc

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Tctczach1275d ago

I like how he isn't afraid to call something out that was terrible..... GFWL

MeliMel1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Is that a pic of Phil Schwarzenegger? Lol....

"I told you fanboys, We'll be back"

ScorpiusX1275d ago

Get this done and people will speak of it like the shot heard around the world and you Spencer will be forever remembered.

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RiseofScorpio1275d ago

I love how a certain group will take it personal when someone says this.

KingWookiee1274d ago

Same group that circle jerked over Cerny?

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