APB Reloaded On PS4, Xbox One Interview: Performance, Specs And Cheats

One Angry Gamer "I had an opportunity to fire off a few questions to the CEO of Reloaded Games, Bjorn Book-Larsson, who answered succinctly and to the point regarding some of the details, features and differences between the PC version of the free-to-play action game, and the console version."

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dreamed1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

So yet ANOTHER rehash.....someone explain why we bothered with next gen??????????

realplayer821299d ago

How is this a rehash? It has never been on console. Also on the forums the dev said apb couldn't run on 360/ps3.

EazyC1299d ago

They've changed the engine, physics and gameplay to support 100 players, how is that a rehash?

porkChop1299d ago

The game already supported 100 players since launch.

CaptainFaisal1299d ago

I accidentally agreed on your comment ... Plus we "bothered with next gen" because of the trailers we saw when they announced the console and we drooled all over the screen and became blind and just bought it as soon as it was available then all of a sudden most games got delayed. But hey its been more than a year now and all the games are finally coming out, Dying light, the whitcher 3, metal gear, gta v, battlefield hardline etc...

DivoJones1299d ago

I played this in beta on PC so it's been a while, but it was an empty, boring, lifeless game. I'd be happier if they shut down their servers and tried making a decent game instead.

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