Maximum amount of online players in a single session listed for Bloodborne

The maximum amount of online players in a single session has been listed for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne.

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ZeroX98761274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

in the PS4/X1 and PC version of DS2: Scholar of the First Sin you can now be 6! :)


Master-H1274d ago

If it's 2 summons and 2 invaders, it was probably done to eliminate ganking.

ziggurcat1274d ago

while i do appreciate the mechanic for what it is, the possibility of having more people invade your world is going to suuuuuuuuck, especially for me since i'm horribly bad at PvP.

hkgamer1274d ago

a lot of the times with pvp, you would need an understanding of every jobs skills and best ways to counteract. the more you know about the game and its mechanics the better you get. knowing when to use items is also important.
i guess the other trick is to not be surprised and never panic.

well those are the things you should look out for in most mmo, havent got a clue how this game or dark souls was but it couldnt have been too different.

nX1274d ago

It's completely different and much more skill-based than PvP in MMO's.

Aghashie1274d ago

Bro u can go to red arena on DS2 and practice PVP all u want. U can also set a private arena w a friend for some practice matches. Also, understanding how to level ur char and do proper upgrades to gear is very important.

No one is special or invulnerable. Just keep practicing and don't stick to same strategy for all matches. Be aware or ur char weaknesses and recognize enemy weaknesses by looking at armor/weapon/gear type. If u can exploit the sweet spot victory will be likely yours.

Good luck and enjoy.

ziggurcat1274d ago

No, I'm truly just awful at PvP. That, and the lag ruins the whole experience - I've literally been 20 feet away from someone, and I ended up getting front stabbed out of nowhere.

I also have no interest in PvP, so I'm not going to go out of my way to practice a part of the game I feel to be the worst part of the souls series.

YoungKingDoran1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

The rush I get every single goddamn time my controller vibrates and I hear that invasion sound...
Bring it on

LightDiego1274d ago

That moment it's intense, i still remember the first invasions on Demon's Souls, lol.

YoungKingDoran1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yeah I still remember...
The jerk was dual wielding Sharp Uchis +5.
My base Scimitar never stood a chance.
I felt quite violated. Ah memories

KevWriter1274d ago

I always choke and do something stupid, getting me killed quickly.

wsoutlaw871274d ago

It's funny because im ok at pvp when doing a dual or when i get invaded, but i never lose when i invade someone. The panic and intimidation factor is noticeable and huge. You can tell they know you are going to kill them.

Blackleg-sanji1274d ago

Im gonna die so many times its gonna be awesome (first souls style game)

Allsystemgamer1274d ago

Welcome to the club! It's a sweet masochism of satisfaction.

Muzikguy1274d ago

Oh yeah! I'm ready to get back to yelling at my tv for my mistakes!!!

Jaqen_Hghar1274d ago

Well that's cool so a man can get 4 people to boost the platinum if he ever gets it. Just kidding guys but it will be nice to have some help Demon's Souls got depressing with how eerie everything was all the time and being so alone. A man plays games to escape the eternal loneliness of a faceless man's life.

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