Killzone 2 not so expensive after all, a comparative look at development cost

Game development cost millions, a comparison across genre, games, and platform.

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Angelitos3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, when Killzone 2 releases, it will kill any game graphicaly on the fixme dvd player. Poor Xbots, I know that Smears of War 1.5 is just tricking the eye for you to think it has good graphics, but I'm sure yall remember about the Smears of War article back in the day. Poor Xbots, the sales for Killzone 2 will get back all the money lost + alot more money for this masterpiece game.

Poor Xbots

juuken3549d ago

Ooooh boy...there goes my supply of tissues! >.<

jif863549d ago

Seriously dude, you crack me up :D

Bubbles for speaking the truth!


GiantEnemyCrab3549d ago

Funny because EGM/1up was already saying that Gears of War the original looks better. I am saving your comment because I will be looking for you in Feb when this game get's owned by the reviewers. Just like the "halo killers" who claimed KZ1 was going to do this and that.

Pain3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

poor CrabsHeGotfromThatHooker u fail.

jif863548d ago

Kotaku, who are also going up M$'s Brown Ring of Poo

silverchode3548d ago

all u guys must be like 14 bashing each others console using stupid names. GROW UP!!!

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Harry1903549d ago

and work put into FF12,but $52 million seems to be a far too gargantuan figure only for development costs. Those numbers are unbelievable.

DrWan3549d ago

yah, but u have to remember though, the time between FF10 and FF12 was like 3 and half years? if they started production and since the big guy left and started MistWalker, all those stalled production + re-structuring the team could have cost them the extra. I am just speculating.

Skip_Bayless3548d ago

The game isn't even coming out for another year. And I read somewhere it could be $40-50 million in the end. And this is not a bad list of games that Killzone 2 is in right now. All those games have like a metacritic score of a 9 or above. So Killzone 2 is gonna be a great game.

BLUR1113549d ago

and that was just to design the LOCUST teeth

Kyur4ThePain3549d ago

10mil...does include development of the Unreal Engine?

Chubear3549d ago

I thought it was common knowlegde GeoW was roughly 10mill, apparently not. And no, that doesn't include the cost of the Engine jsut development.

ChrisGTR13549d ago

they invented the unreal engine why would it cost them more to use it.

Kyur4ThePain3549d ago

I guess recycling doesn't cost that much.

Chubear3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Dude, you dont create a game engine out of air. It takes $$ make to create and develop a game engine like the Unreal Engine...I'm curious, how do you think game engines come about?

ChrisGTR13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

.....epic has been making the unreal engines since...unreal tournament? theres nothing new here.

why are you adding the U3 engine to this game? then why not just add the RAGE engine to gta4... and the MGS2 engine to mgs4. halo 2 engine to halo 3. whys is it only gears that somehow is the only game that costs money in terms of using a game engine?

360 man3549d ago

ha halo 2 engine for halo 3 loool

dcbronco3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

If the cost of the engine gets tacked onto Gears dev cost, then all of the money from licensing that engine would have to be subtracted. That engine was made to use on all of their games and to be sold to others.

By the time Killzone 2 is released it will have been in development for 4 years. I bet it cost closer to 50 million.

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gnothe13549d ago

the only problem is, out of the games one that list only 1 was not proven an that Gears of war. the other game were guaranteed to make back the cost of development. FF,GTA,Halo, MGS, all are proven franchises, an if i was a developer i wouldn't have any problem investing my money in those titles, but will KZ2 be able to make its money back!!

MGS= million+ copies first week
FF= million+copies sold first week
GTA= million + copies sold first week
Halo= million + copies sold first week
Killzone= lol?

Kyur4ThePain3549d ago

You are so going to get owned by KZ2.

On Topic...I personally believe KZ2 is being used as a loss leader, put out not to make any money from, but rather to inject even more interest in what the PS3 can do when you figure it out.
It's there as a big bright neon sign.

Chubear3549d ago

Killzone 1 sold more copies than any xbox exclusive except the halos so that' nothing to laugh at. Killzone II will certainly move over a million within the first week and easily do so within the first 2-4 weeks.

I take a bet on that any day. Killzone II will move over 1million copies in 2weeks and if lose, I'll buy you any game of you choice and ship it to you. If I win you do the same for me.

Deal? I didn't think so.

ChrisGTR13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

LOL!!! did it really?
im shure all those people that bought it are dieng to play more.

keep in mind kz2 was announced in e3 2005... weve only seen the game 2 times(real gameplay since then) so im pretty shure its gonna get delayed to november 09 or something. the game simply dosent look finished. and then there was the KZ2 beta that never came out

Chubear3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Yes it did. You post review ratings like that equates to actual sales or soemthing. What that should help you understand is how KZ2 will blaze through in sales.

If negative or luke warm reviews didn't stop Killzone II in selling over 2million copies as a brand new IP, then you should have an idea what Killzone II will do after being an established Franchise by now; seeing success in Killzone 1 & Liberation already.

The only xbox exclusive games that did similar numbers to Killzone1 were PGR1 and Fable. Yeah, remember that one.

*below @ 3.5* Why would I give a damn what you think? I don't know you nor do I care what you think. Fact is fact and if you dont' believe me then I really dont give a toss. I had access to NPD site and sheets at one time for my business so I remember those figures but I'm not going to play peeing games with you.

edit** maybe you can go look at the KZ2 website and look up about the company. Not sure if it's still up since they updated the site but they'd even commented about how Killzone 1 had sold close to 2mill copies and that was back before Killzone II was even annouced or shown.

Just believe what you wish fella. I'm just full of crap, now you can sleep good at night.

***@3.7*** ... y-e-a-h, cause we all know VGC is THE source of ligitimate and accurate sales info. Who the hell are NPD, Media create etc anyways? They only keep track of sales with anything from toothpaste to military hardware for companies to get strategic sales info.

Yes, VGC, a site originally done by some dude in an apartment, have the resources that trump the likes of NPD etc ... have the gaming community gotten dumber this gen? I think so though.

ChrisGTR13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

lol stop pulling numbers out of your @ss. unless you put up some links your numbers are meaningless.

oh snap. looks like i win,the same developers that made the flop which is killzone 1 are now making KZ2. even if it did sell 2 mil or w/e you claim it still dosent change the fact it was a below 70 average game. a flop. gorilla games is a horrible developer.

TayTayShaniqua3549d ago


The poor liddle Halo fans are scared shîtless of Killzone 2.

They should be...

Silver3603549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )
According to this Killzone 1 only sold 750,000 copies. Two has to do better.

iamtehpwn3549d ago

I do not understand why KZ2 has so much hype when the first 2 games sucked.

Ri0tSquad3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Which could easily pull it ahead of 1 million if it sold .75 million in the U.S. alone. I don't know how a game selling close to 2 million is a flop. They profited off it. The game wasn't even bad, it was OK. Since when was a 70% or 79% terrible? Frontlines Fuel of war scored a 77% but I don't see you guys calling it terrible or trash. I'm not saying KZ2 is going to a AAA title but you guys are acting like 70% or 77% is a mediocre score.


"What's really interesting if a game doesn't get a 9.0 or higher it's considered crap."

Your right. I don't know how many time I have seen xbox fanboys say Resistance 1 is trash because it didn't score past a 90%. It scored around 87% or a little higher yet some of them call it crap.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

What's really funny Killzone got around the same score as Ninja Gaiden 2. X-Play gave it a 4/5 = 7.5/10, GameSpot 6.9, Game Pro 3.5/5 etc. Game Spot 80/10, X-Play 4/5 = 7.5/10, IGN 8.7/10

Ninja Gaiden 2 = 8.3 (Critics), 8.7 (GS Users)
Killzone = 7.3 (Critics), 8.2 (GS Users)

That's roughly the same score with a one point difference yet it's seen as a disaster. It didn't get higher because it wasn't polished enough and hardware couldn't deliver. Now things have changed look at Halo 3 compared to any other game and tell me if it stands (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare anyone)?

What's really interesting if a game doesn't get a 9.0 or higher it's considered crap. How many actually played the game and felt it was lacking? Online was lag free but no one mentions that and with downloadable content.

ChrisGTR13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


gorilla games havent proven they're good developers yet. the only thing we can go on is by KZ1 which was terrible. i dont know what liberation got but i do know it wasnt a FPS game. a good game dosent require graphics to be good. its the gameplay. if they didnt make a good game then, they wont make it now. hardware wont change that.

any ways , if your saying that user reviews change the score then how come KZ2 has a user review of 8.7 on gametrailers when its not even out yet??lol just proves how broken it is.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Read the reviews or watch them on the popular sites they all state it had a good formula. What they didn't like was execution in other words it wasn't polished enough. All I have to say is that Killzone had similar feel to Call of Duty 4 but with unique differences.

I agree graphics aren't everything yet at the same time it does contribute to the game play. Haze doesn't look pretty but the game play is average, guess what. People make fun of the graphics because it's part of the experience. Bioshock would have sucked if graphics wasn't as high as it is. Halo 3 got popular because the last one was amazing. This time around it's like deja vu.

If you disagree with my statement go play on the Wii where graphics don't reach HD (High Definition) quality. Besides that for people who buy HD consoles expect HD gaming so at least 720p not 720i or 1080p no 1080i. It's good to support interlace but better if it was 720p.

segasage3549d ago

stop wasting your time.

the best spinner so far...

pwnsause3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Killzone 1 sold between 1.5-2 million copies. i remember reading an editoral about it 4 years ago. KZ1 wasnt a bad game. it was too abitious at its time, the game was supposed to be a PC game, Sony saw the game, brought the rights to the ip, and forced guerilla to move development to the PS2. porting PC code to PS2 is bad as you idiots would know already. oh wait you idiots forgot this was a PC game oh well, learn your history, get involved.

Just because this happened doesnt mean KZ2 will meet the same fate you smallbrains. its called learning a lesson, Guerilla Learned that lesson, you learn that lesson, you'll never make the same mistake twice, its like you idiots and your parents, you pee like a dog in a corner of your room, your mom is going to smack you in the face, and tell you to next time pee in the toilet, so you learn that lesson, and you pee in the toilet, its that simple.

Hold on, Im not done yet, i even forgot to mention that they are working with every dev within the sony umbrella to make sure this game "doesnt Suck" as you guys say. how about that for learning a lesson

JasonXE3549d ago

"Originally posted by Dumbass: Killzone 1 sold more copies than any xbox exclusive except the halos so that' nothing to laugh at."

Silver3603549d ago

JasonXE when you sell 5 times as many consoles than your closest competitor even mediocre games should sell better on your console than most of the competitions. Need a different argument to prove Killzone 1 value.

JBaby3433549d ago

Why don't people want KZ2 to be good? Why is everyone so quick to hate on it and the original. The original wasn't bad. Wasn't outstanding but it wasn't terrible as some have said. KZ2 appears to be delivering on all the hype from what we've seen and yet people say "well if it doesn't do this then graphics don't matter, if it doesn't get this meta score then it sucks, the developers haven't made a game that scored above 90% so it will suck" and I don't get that. Sony Santa Monica never made anything that great then the GOW series came. I never heard of Bungie before Halo. If anything I would say they have regressed as Halo 2 & 3 were worse than the first (you could argue they had better MP but everything else was the same or worse in my opinion).

Quit wanting KZ2 to be bad. I'm optimistic and I don't know why everyone else wouldn't want a game that looks that good to be fantastic overall.

segasage3549d ago

ps2 has about 120 million owners.

Kz sold about 750K

= 0.625 of owners bought the game...

what pedigree do these devs have again? enlightne me

JoelR3548d ago

KZ had sold 2 million copies by
july 2005 (with a further 350-500k since)


dude_uk3548d ago

OWNED....nice find :D

is that link good enough for you guys?

dantesparda3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

and barely knew anything about it when it came out cuz i could care less about the PS2 around that time, (and instead was more interested in the Xbox), except for that horrible commercial it used to have, but people need to stop using sales numbers or even metacritic scores as proof of what's good and what's not because Halo 3 (a serious piece of sh!t of a game) both sold well and scored high, and what a complete and utter piece of sh!t that game was. So scores and sales dont mean sh!t fanboys, and if you think im just some fanboy bullsh!tter, just check my gamerscore/tag and you'll see that that I've played more than enough of Halo 3

JasonXE3548d ago

I was quoting Chubear @ 3.2 first sentence and provided a link to disprove his claim. In the link you see there are several orginal xbox titles other than halo that sold more than Killzone.

butterfinger3548d ago

Anyone that uses VGC numbers and expects to be taken seriously is an absolute moron fanboy. VGC numbers are even BANNED by a lot of sites because of how inaccurate they are, and it states are their own site that they are simply estimates. Find some NPD numbers if you want to be taken seriously until then you look stupid. I didn't think Killzone was good at all, and I'm really not stoked for KZ2, but VGC numbers are laughable. Here's a good guess: Killzone 2 sales: VGC 400,000 NPD 1.2 mil

TVC153548d ago

I'm not going to buy Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 until I try both of them out first.

I hated the first games...

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grantps33549d ago

killzone 2 will make more of a prophit because its better than all those 30 million dollar in cost games and it only cost 10.

cant wait to see whats next from guerrila