Codemasters not planning on adding trophies to GRID

Codemasters is, sadly, the latest developer to be added to the list of those who won't be adding trophy support to their already released titles.

On the official GRID forums an administrator has posted saying that they're "currently not planning to restrospectively support PSN trophies - it;s not a trivial thing to add to a game" [sic].

Though this is disappointing, it's not too unexpected. Third party games are the least likely to be patched in. With Criterion showing their contemporaries, hopefully more will decide to rake in the goodwill of gamers by following suit.

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Fulensenca3729d ago

Thank you Codemasters, I' ll remember this next time ...

Yoma3729d ago


I would have bought this if they added trophys

Milky3729d ago

Its so stupid to not patch trophies. If they said they were going to and they would be out this month then I and alot of other people would buy this game.

MaximusPrime3729d ago

Even though it is a great game, im not interested in GRID.

I thanks Criterion for being a fantastic developer. I still got Burnout Paradise and still love it.

DavidMacDougall3729d ago

Im happy i never bought this game , going to get Drakes Fortune tho just to try the trophies out

Sevir043729d ago

Grid is cool but for now it's going to take more resources to revisit old titles to patch up. developers wont really do this because Sony just didn't think this was needed. XBL made it mandate to have these in for major releases. Sony needs to now Make sure that all Games in the future support this, and their first party Titles should have no choice LOL!!! second parties can get away with it, like Insomniac because they have are independent, they'd be better off asking Sony for a check to pay for the added resource and effort it will Take. So for now. i wont be upset if old games dont support trophies. they really dont have to. it's the new games that need it. and i'm sure those devs that choose to make PS3 the lead Platform will support the trophies for past games like Criterion. free Rad and Digital Extremes, and a few others.

This feature just got out. for the games that came out last year. I think Sony is asking a bit much from devs of third party it takes more money to go back and patch a game. simply put i dont think past games need it just the ones coming out now. Sony i think is asking 3rd parties to jump through hoops to support their back catalog with this.

they just need to make it mandate for the future just like MS did with live from launch, and also make sure it's a smooth transition as this comes along.

with that said, bring on the new games with the trophies. I'll play those.

Salvadore3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Sony should put the fist... mandate Trophies and In-game music for every title because what's the point if developers are going to neglect the feature?

Close_Second3729d ago

The big risk is that it will mean extra development time and cost to add the features but it may not always mean extra sales. Whether we like it or not cross platform games on the PS3 are constantly being outsold by the 360.

If its not going to equate to more sales for the developer then there is very little incentive adding the new features.

Lew_Ijgee3729d ago

At a currently undisclosed time in the (hopefully near) future, Trophy support will be mandatory.

The thing developers need to realize is due to it being so early in the lifespan of the Trophy concept, the first games that support it will essentially receive free advertising. If only they could see the number for the current sales boost of SSDHD.

mistertwoturbo3728d ago

"extra development time and cost to add the features"

That'd be true if they were creating it retrospectively. But when they are developing the game from scratch multiplatform. They make the achievements for the xbox360 version. How much harder or more time would it take just to implement it to the trophies system?

Probably not too much. Each company is given a deadline and a budget. Now when they start making games, trophies as well as achievements should be in the pipeline that are all within the deadline.

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