Diablo III: How To Make A Proper Sequel (Pt. II)

The flood of info regarding Diablo III has provided great food for thought, and especially surprising was all the new data regarding Diablo III's storyline.

With this in mind, Solivigant, the original author of "Diablo III vs Fallout 3" on Destructoid continues his previous "How to make a proper Sequel" piece, this time by analyzing how Diablo 3's story will be experienced by the player and he compares it shortly with what we know about Fallout 3, which isn't really much. Read on!

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Close_Second3728d ago

...Diablo III will be a big release on the PC but after watching the video I was hoping for a more signifcant advance in the visuals. Don't get me wrong they look great but I am still hoping that the environments will feature a more dynamic (i.e. less scripted) damage model and the bodies of fallen enemy stay behind to litter the landscape.

Also after watching the video I don't see any reason why with some stream lining of the interface that it could not be released on 360 and PS3.