PS3 2.40 Update Problems And Solutions

Kotaku: While it seems like every time the PlayStation 3 undergoes a firmware upgrade is plagued by people trying to blame broken systems on the update, last night's 2.40 update seems to have caused genuine issues with many posters over at the official PlayStation forums. Owners of PS3s in all shapes and sizes have been reporting that their systems were loading to the initial PlayStation wave screen and simply hanging there after applying 2.40. No icons, no controller functions, no nothing, just the wave across the middle of the screen.

There doesn't seem to be any real pattern as to which systems are affected. 60GB, 40GB, 20GB, and 80GB systems alike have all been afflicted with the issue. We've contacted Sony for word on the issue, but in the meantime several of the more tech savvy forum posters have determined how to fix the issue, if you're willing to yank out your console's hard disk drive.

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NO_PUDding3666d ago

"Kotaku, making PS3 owners depressed on purpose since 1849."

-EvoAnubis-3666d ago

Am I the only one that finds it interesting that this is, to date, the longest article on Kotaku regarding FW 2.4? They never even bothered giving their readers a list of features.

Pornlord3666d ago

@ pudding: funny!

@Kotaku: Real cute, shame on you being such a biased rag these days. Try constuctive critisism at least, not just right out bashing the brand for the sake of doing it.

Enterprise-E3666d ago

Man that just made my day.

Spydiggity3665d ago

I knew PS3 fanboys had to be a buncha senile old men.

Chris Bosh3665d ago

Jus kiddin LOL.
Kotaku can go F*ck themselves.
For some god damn reason they hate the ps3.
Dont know why?? Ps3 is 10x betta than xbox 360.

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Hellsvacancy3666d ago

i thought my update screwed up aswell - i started 2 download it and it got to 24% so i went 4 a spliff, when i came back it was still on 24% so i turned my ps3 off but on my tv it STILL said downloadin 24% complete, by accident i pushed the hold screen button on my remote, wot an idiot!!!!

Snukadaman3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

And just to throw it in you loyal droids faces.....I will be attending the sony e3 press event at the shrine auditorium on july 15th.... edit....after some thinking..I wont be the shrieking fanboy sony needs to fake enthusiasm for the ps3..

PimpHandHappy3666d ago

well i have been playing MGS and having a back on forth with text. So far so good

atleast its not the Holidays and we PS3 owners cant get online...


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