Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 Live from the Apollo on H3TV

H3Enterprises has announced that it will host a "Gaming Console Challenge" at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater that will confront the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The competition will take place on H3's revolutionary H3TV, the only high-definition flat screen that allows players to simultaneously compete on both gaming systems through split screen cyber television technology. Here is the press release with the announcement:

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CG4395d ago

Let the truth be seen...

Theres going to be alot of tears flowing from the ps3 fanboys after this event.

JPomper4395d ago

The truth of graphics? I mean, they're splitting up a 46" LCD HDTV to run two inputs at the same time. Big whoop.

Dusk4395d ago

is in trouble if they use COD3, R6: Vegas, Tony Hawk, or Ridge Racer as the 360 versions all look and play much better. Either way, this isn't a true test, since multiplatform games are almost always ported from one system to another. The real test would be system exclusives, in this case Gears vs. Resistance. Gears, of course, would curb-stomp Resistance, but I would wait until the PS3 had a non-launch game to compare before I made a judgement.

calderra4395d ago

Like how Gears already stomps MGS' newest screens? Yeah, let's wait for PS3's second generation. Let's just hope development stops for 360 in the meantime.

SuperSaiyan44395d ago

The PS3 was built on false promises, silly superfast figures but when you actually look at the hardware on how it actually works its not that amazing at all. Look at the GPU the heart of the visuals...The PS3 uses an Nvidia 7900 series spec but still not as great then you have the 360 gpu built from the ground up and that is DX10 compliant however is missing a couple of true DX10 instructions. Overall on visuals the 360 is the clear winner.
On gameplay again its the 360, for online its the 360, for controller its the 360, for design and looks its the 360. The most affordable is the 360, the best choice for choice is the 360.

videl4395d ago

hmm, thats your false opinion. the reality is not like you want it. the ps3 is designed better and it has the better hardware, wait a few months and it will have the best games.

THAMMER14394d ago

You keep waiting for the PS3 fairy to grant your wish but SuperSaiyan4 is 100% correct and you know it.

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