Should We Just Accept Video Games From Celebrities?

Clipping Error discusses whether we should sit back and let celebrities fill up the video game industry with quick cash-generating games built for nothing more than making the developer, and the celebrty, money. He offers his opinion and aks other gamers what they think in relation to this and the release of Lindsay Lohan's game, The Price Of Fame.

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SegaGamer1463d ago

Let them do what they want, you can't really stop people making games. I wouldn't touch their games though, it would just be a load of crap and a quick way for these people to get more money.

1462d ago
SteamPowered1462d ago

Lol, we dont have to accept Jack Sh*t from any company. Luckily these garbage games stay in the cesspool that is cell phone gaming of late.
For all the processing power in new phones, it is sad that the games havent progressed.

ThatOneGuyThere1462d ago

please dont confuse 2d graphics as not progressing. its about solid game design. period.

GreetingsfromCanada1462d ago

Even though people will play these games, real gamers probably won't.

ThatOneGuyThere1462d ago

you use that term very loosely. that term being "people". ;-)

All joking aside, the "casual" market is bigger than the "hardcore" market. Get used to that as its not going to change any time soon.

ScorpiusX1462d ago

That's like me saying I want to learn the in & outs of baseball from a journalist who has never played the game of baseball.

mixelon1462d ago

They're sort of harmless and don't impact on the "real" games we're interested in. If the market for these wasn't being entertained by what else is there - can't really begrudge them wanted some (supposedly) fun branded tat. Their call. :)

It all brings in money for game devs anyway, who still get commissioned to do all this weird stuff.

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