Street Fighter V: Things To Look Forward To

With the announcement of Street Fighter V there are several things to look forward to, such as new characters & a greater emphasis on the competitive scene

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Akuma2K1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I'm very excited for this game, can't wait till Saturday during Capcom cup for the live fighting demonstration along with announements of more new features and tidbits to be revealed.

It's gonana be cool to see SF5's roster pan out, with the power of the PS4 Capcom can really get creative when making entirely new characters (unlike in SF4 with hakkan).

I'd love to see Master Goutetsu finally make his game debut (capcom brought Gouken back why not Goutetsu as well), Gouken's daughter nicknamed "lil Miss" would be a great addition, Retsu was in the very first SF game and hasn't appeared any SF game since then etc......these are just few of my favorites i'd like to see return but overall I just hope SF5's roster is diverse with a mix of old and new and a few brand new characters that new gamers coming to SF5 can pick up and enjoy quickly.