Enter a nightmare or play as a novice in new Alien: Isolation game modes

The Creative Assembly has released a new game update for Alien: Isolation, bringing with it two new difficulty modes: Nightmare and Novice. The modes are available today and free across all release platforms.

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pelida1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

This is my game of the year. Inquisition 2nd place. But this was like: all new, fresh, innovative... and that freaking alien is really hard to evade

EvilWay1232d ago

I agree. This game blew me away with how thrilling it was. I went in with no expectations and was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole game. It is definitely my game of the year no doubt about it.

I look forward to buying any DLC that is associated with this game and I usually never buy DLC

nyctophilia131232d ago

Agreed, it's also my game of the year. Just walking around in a finely rendered Nostromo would have sealed the deal for me personally, but then they went ahead and made it a great game. Congrats to Sega for finally getting an Alien game right.

Ashunderfire861231d ago

Same here my game of the year too, especially playing it on the X1 with the Kinect.