'Street Fighter V' reveal shows Capcom harnessing its greatest asset: the fans

VGW's Will Harrison: Despite the initial backlash against the console exclusivity, fervor for the newest iteration of the Street Fighter franchise has been loud across the internet. This reaction has to be in part to the fact that Capcom is channeling the love of the series on part of their dedicated community in way that celebrates the Fighting Game Community, as well as the Street Fighter zeitgeist.

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Dewitt1320d ago

Screwing over an entire community of hardcore players on a console is not celebrating anything.

EyePawd1320d ago

I hardly see it as screwing over. You have to take into the account of the fickle nature of fighting game fans as consumers: they will go where the brand (and the players) are. It's why the SFIV servers on 360 are so heavily populated compared to the PS3: The top players were on 360.

Considering the fact that due to the nature of the console cycle being new, I believe an overwhelming majority of fighting game fans have been on the fence, waiting for an announcement like this to sway their choice one way or another if so inclined.

Considering the PS4 has the--for now--larger player base, and the fact that clearly Sony was willing to help Capcom fund the game so that it even gets made i n the first place, its not as black and white as "screwing over."

Now, if this was happening in the previous console cycle, I would completely agree with you. In this case, its just good business.

DLConspiracy1320d ago

Its capcoms fan base. They can choose to do with it what they want. Hopefully it works out for them and their fans.

mhunterjr1320d ago

There's nothing fan serving about making this game a console exclusive. The notion that SFV was in danger of not finding funding is laughable. And the notion that Sony would be the only party interested in preserving the series is also a joke.

Yes, it is good business. But a lot of gamers were screwed over.

Biohazard88601320d ago

Street fighter V will indeed stay console exclusive but i almost can bet when they release Street fighter V super edition or whatever there gonna call it it will go multi platform.

Kane221320d ago

unless micro is gonna allow cross-play or capcom drops that feature. it wont be going to micros system ever...

NuggetsOfGod1320d ago

Do capcom care that much about cross play to skip the 10+ million gamers?

GokuSolosAll1320d ago

So many angry Xbots. I feel their pain but deal with it.

NuggetsOfGod1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

At least they still something to play.

Everyone wins! Lol consoles are getting. Worse.

You have uncharted but hopefully you never wanted that!

Or may have to deal with it?

Brisco1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Pffff really... This game is not that interesting. They can have it, who cares about SF?

OldDude1320d ago

Not many, Capcom isn't in deep financial trouble be cause SF and RE are flying off the shelves. Nobody cares about this franchise anymore, like RE they have ruined it.

ricochetmg1320d ago

Fighters have been better when they are exclusives.