“A Lot of Work to Do” Before DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Can be Released

"If you were thinking the big update to DriveClub today meant that the PlayStation Plus Edition was nearing release, developer Evolution Studios has some bad news for you."

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thorstein1263d ago

Thanks for the honesty!

HaveAsandwich1263d ago

driveclub ps+ edition = cancelled

Me-Time1263d ago

I wouldn't say cancelled. I would say that it was a complete lie they told people for the sake of getting the game publicity.

Why even do it anymore if it's going to be so difficult to accomplish such a small feat. By "small feat", I mean they cam release a limited content edition of the game for free. That is what they said it would be, right? A lot of work to do? Then sell the full game for half the price for screwing with people's minds like this.

Playstation is great in many ways, but they're fudging up greatly in others.

amiga-man1263d ago

Just use Shareplay if you want to try it, no real need for a PS+ edition .

I'm sure the PS+ edition will still happen but Evo are putting the people who have actually bought the game first, exactly how it should be.

paul-p19881262d ago

Every day that goes by I keep thinking the same thing, but at this point in time if they were to cancel it there would be a MASSIVE fan backlash that I don't think they could recover from.
One way or another the PS+ edition has GOT to be released!

Gaming247allday1263d ago

You guys are buying this bullsh!t?? you really think a company like Sony cant just release the game file on PSN? its not even that hard to do, i can upload files and so can they

thief1262d ago

Can you also ensure the servers can cope with the sudden addition of a million players trying out the free edition?

donthate1262d ago


Sony seemingly has no problem having the sudden addition of "million" players joining the fray when they are paying customers. You know when they put DriveClub on sale!

OR maybe Sony is just selling a broken game.

Not sure which is better!

I_am_Batman1262d ago

They should just cancel the PSPlus Edition and give the whole game out for free through PSPlus in a couple of months.

Rimeskeem1263d ago

Well, at least they have anonymous to keep back Lizard Squad for now.

Snookies121263d ago

I'm just kind of confused... If they were originally planning on putting out the PS+ version when the game launched, why is there still 'a lot of work to do'? I'd really love to check Driveclub out, but at this point I feel like they should just release a demo at least... Don't want to purchase it without getting to test the game, and the PS+ edition seems to be getting further and further away.

nucky641263d ago

I was going to give it a look too - now I don't think I'd ever buy it....just too many problems and evolution doesn't seem to know how to fix this mess....too bad.

Oschino19071263d ago

You never were gonna buy it, stop lying. The game works fine and is only getting better with every update (patches/content).

nucky641263d ago

if it worked "fine" the ps+ version would already be out.

Oschino19071263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Sorry I only own the game and play it without problems 99% of the time.

I have had it since 2 weeks after launch and online has been up everyday since.

I have share played it with friends who ended up buying it after a great experience.

I have also run into those like yourself that refused to even try shareplay with me but they sure had a lot of bad things to say about something they wouldn't even try.

What experience or knowledge do you have pertaining to how the game works/runs?

Maybe you should put some more effort into reading the articles and try to learn more about the game instead of just sitting around waiting to cry about it at every turn.

amiga-man1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Thats the thing Oschino, all these people saying they are waiting for the PS+ lost their argument as soon as Shareplay was introduced, anyone wanting to try this game can do so now with Shareplay and get the full experience.

Driveclub is working great now but I'm sure there are many things that can be done to optimise the code, Evo have done a good job sorting out the problems with this game and the people playing it are loving it.

Dee_911262d ago

I just rented from gamefly and plan on buying so i'm not really hurting.
Like the article states they are trying to improve server capacity... whats confusing about that? The huge emphasis on multiplayer this gen and late last gen is kinda a new thing so they have new problems, that they have to learn how to fix.Its not something they just know how to do.

Forn1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

The game is working just fine online for the most part now. Not only that, the game itself has a lot going for it. It is very fun to play. Great handling, feel, sense of speed, visuals, a.i., challenges, track design, etc. If you want to try it then just ask someone you know has it to share-play it for you, or just rent it. If you're a racing game fan at all you owe it to yourself to play Driveclub imo.

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WeAreLegion1263d ago

Do your towns not have video rental stores, guys?

FullmetalRoyale1263d ago

It's a very common thing... for them to all be long since out of business.

nucky641263d ago

if they can't get ps+ verison out, why would I go out and pay more money to rent....not to mention I've lost confidence in evolution to get this game right -
sorry if that's too difficult for you to understand.

Oschino19071263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

nucky64 ^^^^^^ 2 hours ago:

"yea - the internet is full of losers who just want to post negative comments."

opoikl1262d ago

@ WeAreLegion

Our continent doesn't have it anymore...

WeAreLegion1262d ago

Out of business? Family Video is opening new locations every week. I've been all over the US this year and have yet to find a town without a rental store.

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Oschino19071263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

For those who don't read past the headline:

"Replying to someone on Twitter who asked about the PS+ Edition, Evolution said there’s still lots of work to do before it’ll see release:

"We still have a lot of work to do to improve server capacity & performance for everybody on PS+ to join. We’ll keep you updated."

Last week, Evolution said, “We will share an update [for the PS+ Edition] when there’s a release date.” Judging by their latest comment today, a 2014 release is looking doubtful.

As for the MyDriveClub app, it’s “on hold until server capacity improves further, to avoid app connections impacting online play.”"

Most people complaining about the free version have causal interest at best and sure seem to conveniently forget alternatives like renting or the obvious SHAREPLAY.

Godz Kastro1263d ago

Stop saying it's free! They pay for ps plus... It's not free!

1262d ago
Masterchief_thegoat1263d ago

Im happy i can wait, not giving sony my hardworking money on a broken game.

thief1262d ago

If you are waiting for the ps4's plus edition you weren't going to give Sony any money anyway, a bit confused with the trolling are we?

At least the full edition is now fixed...unlike another game that came out recently, the clue is in your username

Godz Kastro1262d ago

Dude, your comment is full of fail. A year later the game is fixed and you use that to talk about a recently released game. You said it yourself.

Oh and FYI... Mcc has been fixed for a while now. Good try though... No, actually, horrible try...

captainexplosion1263d ago

What confuses the hell out of me is that the Plus Edition was supposed to release at the same time as the whole game. How did they even know the Plus Edition didn't properly work and how can there still be a lot of work. It kind of sounds like they knew the Plus Edition wouldn't release the same day.

As a fan of Evolution I finally got around to playing the game the other day and I didn't like it. I wish they would have stuck with Motorstorm. Motorstorm Apocalypse 2 is my all time favorite racing game.

rdgneoz31263d ago

See how much they've had to fix right off the bat, they probably weren't releasing it for a bit. They were probably hoping to make some cash before people got their free trial / half game to play around it (I know I was waiting to try the plus edition before getting the full version).

But with all the bugs, no one is going to buy it for a bit and the millions of people getting the plus edition to try it out would just overload their servers as they try to fix things.

p.s. Loved Apocalypse. Was an insanely fun game to play, loved the multiplayer.

Me-Time1263d ago

I agree fully. How in the world would they not have known the servers wouldn't have played a role in how it would pan out (when they game released)?

PD ran into a very similar problem with online for GT5. They under-calculated how many people were going to be playing online and how many would be updating the game. It something like thinking there would be enough server capacity for 100,000 people, then they upgraded it to suit over one million. It was something stupid like that. I can't believe SCE couldn't have foreseen something like this happening again and are simply unprepared for this happening again and again. It's a shame, really.

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