Digital or Physical, I Still Can’t Decide

Matt says, "The new console generation has began to rapidly bring in the digital age of gaming. However, I’m still skeptical about buying games digitally."

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jc485731317d ago

what makes me sick is how people tend to force on people that digital is infinitely better than physical games. They go as far to question if there is something wrong with people that that prefer physical over digital.

ABizzel11316d ago

Physical, because more often than not this is the norm, and until it's the other way around, digital is just a secondary option.

xHeavYx1316d ago

Physical because I can re-sell games

ABizzel11316d ago

lol at the two disagrees.

madmonkey011316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

physical for me, as they are cheaper and you can resell them if you are done with it. i usually buy my games from the supermarket rather than game stores too.

darthv721316d ago

there is only one system this gen that really lets you play from the physical media and that is the wii-u. Strange how Ms and Sony went with installs as required instead of optional but...oh well.

Looking at it from that perspective, the physical games are basically the same as the digital ones with the exception of the need for the disc to act as a verifier to play the game. Other than that check...there is no point to having the disc.

Unless you like the look of them in their boxes on your shelf. plus it is convenient to just pop it in to install if you should happen to uninstall because you are making room for other games.

the BD drives in the PS4 and XB1 are much better than that in the PS3 so if it was due to wear and tear on the laser or motor...I don't buy it. Even the wii-u drive is better than the PS3 and it plays the games just fine from the disc.

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Crazay1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I totally get both sides of the coin. I was adamantly against going all digital for DVDs and games because I feel a great deal of pride over the library I've amassed over the years. But I gotta say that the convenience of not having to go seek out where I last played a game(in a house with multiple systems in different locations). I also like the fact that I don't get yelled at for leaving games and game cases all over the place and the room I'm saving on bookcases filled with games. I have 48 Games for the Xbox One, 8 of which are actual discs. Granted I can't trade these copies in but I haven't traded in a game in years because I'm sick of being ripped off by EBGames.

I think I'm fast moving to the digital side.

There's benefits to both formats really.

mcstorm1316d ago

Im with you on this one I own 2 disk based games for my xbox one and around 17 digital. One disk came with the console and the other was a present.

But my wiiu I own more disks than digital. I have got got a 2tb hdd for both consoles through so I think ill be going digital on the wiiu soon too.

I went digital with all my films about 5 years ago and think gaming will follow too.

UKmilitia1316d ago

physical all the way for many reasons.

price is cheaper for physical

games have issues (unity,driveclub ,bf4)with a physical you can get refunds when a major part of the game is broken as i have done this gen 3 times already.

also resale value.

the only games i would consider buying digital are prob NDogs games.
also nothing better than seeing a shelf stacked with games.

Vegamyster1316d ago

"price is cheaper for physical"

Not on Digital Distributors like Steam, Amazon Digital, GoG ect.

Volkama1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Sony and MS definitely need to wise up on their pricing, yes. But that's not inherent to digital, that's just those closed platforms.

You can get refunds on digital games too if they have issues. Just call MS/Sony/Valve/whoever.

Resale value is the biggest advantage of physical.

I can tell you something better than a shelf stacked with games: A shelf with space to put things that need to go on a shelf.

dredgewalker1316d ago

I prefer physical copies though digital is fine as long as it doesn't take me days to download. I am a bit more worried with digital copies since if my hard drive fails (and it has happened to me lots of times) I have to redownload everything again and that takes time.

Vegamyster1316d ago

"They go as far to question if there is something wrong with people that that prefer physical over digital."

I haven't seen any body that do that, I've seen people say they'll chose digital over physical when its cheap but never tried to insult someone for choosing physical.

Volkama1316d ago

I've seen plenty of people insult others for buying physical. And I've seen even more people insult others for buying digital.

N4G is nice like that.

rainslacker1316d ago

I've seen it a lot. It's not true of all of them, but on here you see a lot of digital proponents imply or outright say that people who prefer physical are living in the stone age and need to get with the times. It's like they don't understand that the reasons they give for digital purchases just don't matter to those that prefer physical, or that the reasons for people preferring physical are also perfectly valid.

It's odd that they do so, because I really don't see physical proponents really care if people with digital preference buy digital or not.

I personally prefer physical myself for a myriad of reasons, and couldn't care less how people buy their games.

s45gr321316d ago

You're going to hate me, I am one of those people. I do have to say that I wish, I was able to return games that I don't like back to the digital store for which I can't. What would make in my opinion digital distribution more appealing would be a Netflix like service for games yeah.

zero_gamer1316d ago

Most digital purchases on last-gen console are no good on the new console. You would expect your digital investment to carry over from generation to generation, but Sony and MS both prove that a digital future is not so bright like they want you to believe.

My decision is to stay physical with console games, with the exception of the odd digital title of interest...when it's on sale.

jc485731316d ago

what bothers me is that some people think it's ok if they don't carry over because most of them don't care about replaying the games. I respect that, but why judge the gamers that want to own an actual copy like they have mental problems?

rainslacker1316d ago

No retail purchase is any good on new consoles either, so it's not really a pro or con for either side.

However, for those that choose physical releases, they can at least get something back on their investment if they decide to sell/trade in all those games they purchased. Digital is stuck with what they got, whether they can play it or not.

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Gemmol1317d ago

I do digital on my Wii U.....I got a 1tb that I bought for 50 dollars and it hold over 20 games, beside the 14 retail games I have.......I have not bought retail in a while so I guess I am on the all digital wave.....I do not care for the box and my internet speeds are quick, my games download in 1hr to 2hr most......and if all games can do PreLoad I would love it even better, I love how quickly I was able to play Smash bros with Preload function.....majority of the game was already download and the last part download as soon as it hit 12 and the game started for me at 12:01 I think playing smash bros....before my cousin since he bought retail...........if you like physical then buy physical....if you do not mind digital then get digital......dont let anyone make you feel bad about your preference.........

if you are interested in the Hard Drive I got here is the link

I see its for 54 dollars now.....seriously great buy

all you need is a Y usb cable and you good to go I already had one at home but if you do not know what I am talking about here is another link

this give the portable hard drive the power needed to work perfect....I like this way because it save me a space from plugging into the wall

wonderfulmonkeyman1316d ago

I do both, out of necessity.
Sometimes it's more convenient to be able to just select a game from my menu rather than having to switch disks out all the time, so digital will always have its place.
But I'll always value physical because being able to take and use my game on another console, and being able to loan out my games to buddies, is a valuable trait in its own right, even if its much easier for a disk to break.

MMOBytes1316d ago

Digital = account sharing for two w/o restrictions = a big win IMHO. At least for the PS4. I'm just now experiencing the Xbox, so unsure if same but it appears to be.

madmonkey011316d ago

physical = infinite game sharing

MMOBytes1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

On one system. Digital is concurrent on two.

yankolo1316d ago

Im digital since day one.

paul-p19881316d ago

I'm going all digital this gen, I wasn't intending to but once I got my PS4 and noticed all my physical games were being fully installed on the HDD and the disc's only purpose is to tell the console you own the game, I didn't see the point in having multiple cases cluttering my house.
I haven't looked back since, and if you wait for sales and buy the top-up codes online you can normally get the games either the same price, or really close to, the price of physical unlike the extortionate RRP prices of PSN/XBL stores.