Is Call of Duty: World At War 2 game the next project in CoD series?

CoD: Advanced Warfare game was released a month ago, and it seems that the creator of many shooters in this series - Treyarch company - teases the next project in the franchise.

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Upbeat1323d ago

I hope so, the first was one great!

venom061322d ago

lets be honest.. lame a#% WWII guns and setting was cool, years ago, but that crap will be borin as hell now.. sadly, CoD is becomin such a played out relic, that fanboys will be happy with rehashed, hash that has already been hashed out... funny what people will accept when there's really nothing else to accept.. EA sucks..


I disagree. Ww2 guns were so primitive it made cod more intense. I hope this rumor is true.

JohnathanACE1323d ago

World at War probably had my favorite Call of Duty campaign. I would really love to see a sequel.

TWB1323d ago

I have never been too huge into COD (and never owned one) but I really liked WAW, especially the original Nazi Zombies map (first one, maybe the second too)

lipton1011323d ago

Personally a WW2 battlefield al la BF1944 would make be happiest, but I'll concede for a WaW 2. The first campaign was amazing, and given the new technology, this one could be truly incredible. I wouldn't mind current get visiting Omaha again, or the airborne landings, or even Italy. As for the controversy pre-requisite - German campaign possible?

PoSTedUP1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

yeah thats what i said the start of this gen: imagine a WWII with the graphics and tech now, the explosions, realism, sounds, lighting. i want saving private ryan opening on my PS4! i didnt play the whole campaign on waw, i usually dont play cod campaigns. if done right, cod could totally be revamped by treyarch.

off topic suggestion- im stuck inbetween buying two of the following five games: megaman1, alundra, rayman1, arc the lad and medievil... any recommendations from anyone would be much appreciated!

annoyedgamer1323d ago

Possible but I would rather the Red Army again playing as the communists is still pretty cool. For The Motherland! Sir why are we throwing potatoes? BECAUSE REAL GRANDES ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU ARE!

Relientk771323d ago

Treyarch is my fav of the 3, so the next CoD should be great

BozoLoco1322d ago

Treyarch is the worst of the three imo. Map design and spawning are always at their worst in Treyarch games,

Captain__Arabia1323d ago

i hope so
i really missed the old war

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The story is too old to be commented.