Do We Suffer From Too Many Games?

Is the problem with gaming today that there's just too much out there - and not enough time? So posts Michael Zenke, who discusses why too many games could be a bad thing, and one reason it's increasingly hard to be a gamer. Too many AAA titles? Is such a thing possible?

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Forbidden_Darkness3820d ago

I like the variety, theres not to many games for me. I have over 40 games right now and ill have over 70 by the end of the year.

gk073820d ago

yeah not to many games i think if you got a pc ps3 and 360 and wii you got it made i have a lot of games to 70 + and adding more picked up blacksite area51 19.99 and timeshift

Tacki3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I have all three consoles, but between now and the end of this year there should only be a small handful of titles to pick up. Perhaps earlier in the year there was alot of bigger games coming out, but the coming months don't have much that I'm terribly excited about. Things will likely really heat up at the begginning of next year though. And E3 may bring the announcement of a few more titles to hit by the holiday season.

Oh, and I don't think you can ever suffer from too many games. There'll always be a dry spell where you can catch up.

Raoh3820d ago

they are all just very short. it seems so much goes into the way it looks, its marketing, its ease of use. but not much goes into giving you 20/30+ hours of fun.

if a game is really fun why shouldnt you want to play it over and over? and i dont mean just again but on extra hard. there is no real reward for playing a game again (unless your talking about cod4, other shooters or mmorpgs)

i beat condemned 2 and dark sector each in about 10 hours play time. both good games. it just didnt get blasted for its incredibly short play time like heavenly sword did.

its because of those short games i have lately relied on rentals from gamefly.

Solid_Snake6663820d ago

too many crapy games xbox makes